Case Study: Worldwide Candidate Search

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Case Study: Worldwide Candidate Search

Case Study: Worldwide Candidate Search

The client wanted to improve their employee experience by launching a new EX system across their worldwide network. Due to the size of the project they needed a dedicated implementation manager. The size of the UK candidate pool was so small that Lorien needed implement a omni-channel international search. Read the full story below.

The client were looking to reduce their costs as they roll out the use of a new Employee Experience system (EX) across the global member firms.

The service provider they were relying on to design and implement the platform in to each member firm was proving very expensive.

The decision was to hire an experience implementation manager in the Global People Technology Team based in the UK.

An initial search across Linkedin revealed very few certified professionals in the UK (around 135) most of whom were employed by the original service provider themselves. Linkedin Analytics also revealed huge demand for experienced professionals in this area, so a thorough scoping of the requirement and applicable no poaching contractual agreements would be needed.

A briefing call was set up between the Hiring Manager and the Recruitment Business Partner (RBP) and Sourcing Partner (SP) team. Given limited UK market, a global search for talent that was willing and able to relocate to the UK was conducted the RBP confirmed this was possible and costings / timescales for any sponsorship needed.

A check was made with the client's procurement team to ensure no anti poaching clauses were in place with previous providers. However, it became clear Lorien could not contact anyone who had worked with the client in the past.

Advertising collateral was posted on the client's Careers site, Linkedin, CWJobs, Indeed, TotalJobs and Jobserve for an all-encompassing digital campaign.Demographics of relevant profiles were identified and messaged in core locations of UK (London), Germany and India.

All interested candidates from across all platforms - including direct applications to the clients website were screened by sourcing partners in 24 hours. Candidates who passed the pre-screen were booked into an available interview slot within 72 hours. Candidate to complete 1 hour technical and scenario based interview with feedback being sent back to the RBP team.

The successful candidates were then booked to a Final Director level interview, with Directors from Germany and US conducting the final stage. Once all completed stages have been completed, a decision is to be made and communicated to the candidates.

Over a period of just 6 weeks Lorien successfully completed all phases of the recruitment process. Candidate quality was excellent, with a short list of just 6 candidates from the UK, Germany, India and Malaysia being passed to the Hiring Manager. Three of which were interviewed and highly regarded. Two others were felt to be too senior and the final candidate had to withdraw due to personal circumstances.

Gender diversity was split 50:50 across candidates, adhering to the client's Inclusion, diversity and equality best practice. A female candidate from Malaysia was successfully in obtaining the role and the relocation offer proposal was managed by the RBP team.

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