Case Study: Improving Candidate Attraction

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Case Study: Improving Candidate Attraction

Case Study: Improving Candidate Attraction

The Lorien team were tasked with sourcing and successfully placing 25 candidates within 4 weeks-they were able to do so with 79% of offers going to directly sourced candidates.

Managed Services Academy required a swift turnaround of 25 hires to join the Financial Services Academy.

Prior to commencing with this project, hiring managers and key stakeholders identified that BAU processes would simply not be sufficient for this volume of candidates with such a short timescale. it was decided that assessment centres would be the best solution to this situation.

The process also includes a cover letter which then moved to an SHL assessment if successful. The final step would be 2hr assessment centre.

The Lorien team proposed a bi weekly call with the client to provide regular updates on progress of sourcing and candidates applying directly. Two members of sourcing team were dedicated to two locations to ensure maximum geographical utilisation.A dedicated Resourcing Business Partner was assigned for weekly management information and liaising with the business.

Full process outlined to all sourcing partners and the use of a centralised tracker to be based in a Teams chat with the hiring managers. Due to entry level nature of positions, it was decided that the advertising of roles was to be expanded beyond the normal sourcing channels into with colleges and Universities in relevant locations to be contacted. Clear target was set - hit a ratio of 2:1 (50 candidates at assessment centre stage)

The commenced with sourcing and advertising via all relevant channels. Candidates were pre-qualified by sourcing team with detailed guidance given on how to write good cover letter and what to include. All sourced cover letters to be emailed to relevant sourcing partners before moving on to Success Factors (HR Platform), this removed the bottleneck from old processes. Making hiring quicker and candidate quality increased comprehensively. 

Successful candidates then receive an online assessment link to complete within 24hrs. A member of the Lorien team took the test before hand and shared key points to members of team who briefed candidates prior. The process then ended with a 2hr assessment centre.

Over a period of 4 weeks we reached our target of minimum 50 candidates at assessment centre stage.

Quality of candidates in the assessment centre were praised by the hiring managers and this was direct result of the Lorien team implementing stringent quality control checks in the sourcing and direct application stage.

All assessment centres that were booked in had full or most attendance with all candidates praising the swift nature of booking in and experience. 25 offers were made with 22 going to directly sourced candidates.


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