Technology and Digital Salary Survey UK 2024

Discover UK salaries, daily rates and hiring trends in the technology and digital market in our latest report.

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Are you looking to benchmark your company’s salary packages against competitors?  What is the industry standard for niche and emerging tech sectors? Or are you a technology professional seeking to uncover salary trends, daily contractor rates and expectations for your role?

Lorien's 2024 UK Salary Survey offers unique salary insights and hiring data from a range of skillsets within technology. From AI to cybersecurity, software engineering, data and many more, we hope that this report can become an invaluable resource to power your future career or recruitment strategy.

Using data from placements and analysing against key market insights, our comprehensive report provides a powerful resource to navigate the UK technology market.

Download the report and unlock exclusive insights into:

  • UK average salary ranges by technology skillset.
  • Salary trends and daily rate by location.
  • Average time in a role by skillset.
  • Gender split by industry sector.
  • Demand by skillset and job retention.

At Lorien, we believe in empowering the future of tech by offering key insights into the industry, fostering growth for both our clients and candidates. From emerging technology to niche recruitment solutions, market rates and competitor analysis, we are always learning, adapting, and educating.

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