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Software engineering is one of the hardest technology verticals to hire for, based on demand, competition, and skill scarcity. That’s why Lorien specialises in software engineering recruitment. However you build your tech stack – Opensource or Microsoft – we have the skills and the expertise to find it.

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Software engineering market trends

Looking to the future of software engineering, we see how two converging issues will shape the horizon: the lack of software talent, and the desperate need for it. COVID-19 highlighted the importance of integrated digital customer journeys, with rising demand for talent to help companies digitise. For example, there has been a spike in demand for front-end developer talent, particularly in UX and UI design, apps, and mobile responsive design due to remote customer bases. We are also seeing how software engineering talent is being blended into new sectors. For example, the need for rapid scalability and continuous development to respond to an ever-changing landscape is leading to new practices like DevSecOps, MLOps and Serverless Computing, which all require developer talent. As a result, developer talent is becoming more cross-domain and less siloed – as well as harder to find. Recent data from Tech Nation shows that demand for software developers outstrips active candidates by as much as ten times. The scarcity of talent, combined with the complexity and competition of the market, has led Lorien to specialise in software engineering recruitment.

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Software engineering recruitment

Our software engineering house is divided into two practices: Opensource and Microsoft. These two practices run on different, but parallel, lines. Each is owned by a dedicated subject matter expert, who is underpinned by a smaller team of specialists that focus on specific technologies and tech stacks. This means that whether your vacancy is for Java or Python, C# or .NET, we have an expert on-hand that knows your market inside out. Our subject matter experts have a deep understanding of their respective markets and can guide on everything from competitor activity, market trends and rate benchmarking, through to support with talent attraction campaigns and long-term talent pipelining. And because we work with clients of all shapes, sizes, and sectors, we also understand how different businesses work, and the type of talent that succeeds there. We speak your language, get your market, and know your audience.

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Opensource roles

At Lorien, we cover all roles related to open source software engineering. Focus is on open source programming and scripting languages like Python, JavaScript, Java, TypeScript, C, PHP, Go, Kotlin, Ruby, PowerShell and Scala; open source operating systems (e.g. Unix, Linux etc.), open source container orchestration tools (e.g. Kubernetes); open source data visualisation (e.g. Elasticsearch, Kibana) and open source database technology (e.g. MongoDB). We also cover open source web frameworks and MVC frameworks like jQuery, React.js, Angular, Spring, Vue.js, Django, Angular.JS, Knockout.JS, Backbone.JS, CSS/HTML etc.).

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Microsoft roles

At Lorien, we cover the full breadth of Microsoft technologies, programming languages and frameworks, including .NET, MS SQL, Azure, C#, C, Visual Studio, SharePoint Framework, Microsoft Office 365, Web API, ASP.NET, WPF/WCF, .NET Core, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Latest Software Engineering Jobs | Lorien

If you love problem solving, developing new ideas and building products that make a difference, then you’re going to love working with our clients. Lorien works with businesses of every size and sector, working on some of the most exciting and ambitious software development projects currently happening in the UK.

We cover all software developer and software engineer roles, including jobs in back end, front end and full stack development. Examples of the software engineer and software developer jobs we typically hire for include:

  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Development Manager
  • Enterprise Application Developer
  • Technical Lead
  • Software Architect
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Graduate Software Developer / Junior Software Developer

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