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The eCommerce market today is a vibrant, diverse, and demanding space. Every business today is digital, and every business needs digital skills. That’s why our solutions are led by experts who know and understand this space. We specialise in digital marketing and eCommerce recruitment, working across the full product lifecycle – from design and build through to digital marketing and data and insights.

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eCommerce market overview

In 2020, as the world turned to digital, eCommerce businesses boomed, new brands were born, and the market was shaken up. No surprise then, that at the same time, demand for digital skills hit new heights. In the UK, there was a 69% growth in demand for creative experts, a 52% growth for social and digital marketing and a 118% growth for digital content workers. The same story played out across Western Europe, with demand for digital content rising by 34% in the Netherlands, 72% in Italy and 166% in Germany. And there was also a renewed demand for tech skills that fit into eCommerce, such as AI, data science and software engineering. Innovation in digital strategy, particularly joining the dots between different elements in the consumer journey and optimising creative skills will be important for business growth as we movecloser to a digital world. But unlocking this growth will be reliant on finding the right talent. That’s where Lorien comes in.

eCommerce, creative and digital jobs

eCommerce recruitment solutions

Skillsets in digital marketing and eCommerce are some of the most in-demand in the world. In this competitive environment, only an authentic understanding of the market can bring the best talent to your doors. Led by a director with over 15 years’ dedicated experience in this market, we offer vertical and regional expertise across the full eCommerce product lifecycle in one solution. This includes eCommerce consultants in creative and digital marketing, SEO, eCommerce, software engineering and design on mobile and web (including front end, back end, and full stack) and data analytics. Our people live and breathe eCommerce, and this helps us to understand the market at a deeper level and build relationships with candidates faster. This attention to detail means that we help clients connect with not just the best talent the market offers, but the best talent for your business. Because we speak your language, get your market, and know your talent pool, we can plug into your strategy at any point, or help you build your service end-to-end – from your first hire to your most important.

eCommerce/Digital Marketing Jobs | Lorien

Are you ready to grow your digital marketing career? Whether you’re a creative digital marketer, an eCommerce specialist, or at the start of your digital marketing career, we have an opportunity waiting for you. Our clients range from fast-paced start-ups at the beginning of their online marketing journey, through to market-leading eCommerce businesses and household names across the UK and Europe.

Get in touch with our eCommerce recruiters and follow your eCommerce and digital marketing career path today.

Examples of eCommerce jobs and digital marketing jobs that we recruit for include:

  • VP of Marketing / Digital Marketing Director / Head of Digital / Head of SEO & Content
  • Head of Paid Media / Head of Acquisition
  • SEO Strategist / SEO Manager
  • PPC Executive / PPC Manager
  • Digital Marketing – Graduate / Entry Level
  • eCommerce Analyst / Digital Analyst
  • eCommerce Manager
  • Digital and eCommerce Marketing Manager
  • Delivery Manager – ecommerce
  • eCommerce Product Owner
  • Developer – eCommerce
  • UI Designer
  • UX Developer

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