Discovery Audit

Discovery Audit

A tool to help you understand and reduce your recruitment spend

At Lorien, we’ve developed a structured approach to analysing and refining your recruitment practices. Looking at your current supplier relationships and margins, your need for core and niche skills, your recruitment processes and your desired outcomes, our discovery audit allows us to evaluate your current recruitment practices so that you can formulate improvement roadmaps and develop business cases for change.

The discovery audit will be led by our expert project team who will work with you to understand any challenges or areas of particular concern before tailoring the audit process to focus on aspects of your current recruitment landscape that require further scrutiny.  You will be provided with a comprehensive report detailing our findings with any recommendations for change or improvement.

Our discovery process will focus on the following elements:

  • Cost – what you are currently spending on recruitment related activity and potential opportunities for cost saving;
  • Agency use – whether your current recruitment suppliers are being effectively engaged and utilised in order to drive the best quality service;
  • Quality – whether your current practices are enabling or inhibiting you to attract quality talent to your organisation;
  • Efficiency – whether your processes are fit for purpose or whether improvements could be made to streamline and ultimately save you time;
  • Risk -  your risk profile based on current recruitment, engagement and on-boarding practices as well as any suggested mitigating actions you could consider.

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