Key trends and takeaways from our ‘What Tech Candidates Want’ Launch Event

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Key trends and takeaways from our ‘What Tech Candidates Want’ Launch Event
Katie Davies

Key trends and takeaways from our ‘What Tech Candidates Want’ Launch Event

On 24th April, we were thrilled to host a launch event for our latest research into ‘What Tech Candidates Want’, designed specifically for HR and Talent Acquisition leaders.

On 24th April, we were thrilled to host a launch event for our latest research into ‘What Tech Candidates Want’, featuring an insightful presentation from Lorien’s Director of Solutions & Insight, Darren Topping.

Designed specifically for HR and Talent Acquisition leaders, this exclusive event was an invaluable opportunity for attendees to learn about the current trends and expectations of tech, professionals during their job search. Attendees enjoyed a selection of drinks and canapes whilst listening to the presentation and networking with their peers.

We were also delighted to be joined by Lorien’s Managing Director, David Gettins, who kicked off the event with an introduction to Lorien and the Impellam Group. This was followed by a fascinating presentation from Director of Solutions & Insight, Darren Topping.

Here are some of the key trends and takeaways from this excellent event.

Key trends

Tech candidates are still looking to move roles, but not due to dissatisfaction.

Our research told us that 87% of candidates expect to look for a new role in the next 12 months, with 77% expecting to look within the next 6 months. However, the motivation to move roles does not stem from candidates being unhappy or dissatisfied in their current position. We found that just 19% of tech candidates are either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied in their current role.

Salary is no longer the top reason why candidates look for a new role.

Last year, 40% said that salary was most important when looking for a new position. However, this year the results were split, with 26% of candidates saying they are looking for opportunities to learn new technologies, whilst another 26% saying it is for a higher salary. This shows that candidates are focusing more on personal development, perhaps as a route to greater employability and salary.

The majority of candidates use online job boards to find new roles.

In our research we asked candidates where they look first for new roles and opportunities. 62% of candidates choose online job boards, with 24% choosing social media, and just 6% said the first place they look is on a company website. A worrying statistic for company websites, and especially frustrating to those trying to limit job board costs. However, we also found that company career pages are the first-place candidates go to conduct research into an organisation before applying.

Less candidates are now working fully remote, with 1-2 days in the office being the preferred working method.

In 2023, 63% of candidates told us they worked fully remotely, with 26% spending 1-2 days per week in the office and 5% full-time in the office. This year, 33% of candidates told us they worked fully remotely, with 34% spending 1-2 days per week in the office and 7% full-time in the office. We also found that every single age group’s preferred working method was 1-2 days in the office. However, candidates do still want some flexibility on working patterns, and very little organisations are back in the office full-time.

Age group defines candidate preferences more than any other factor.

One of the biggest findings from this year’s study and perhaps the theme of the whole report really is that age really does define your preferences. The younger subset of candidates want hiring processes to move at speed, with 72% wanting the end-to-end recruitment process from application to offer complete in less than 2 weeks. When looking for a new role 31% of under 25’s choose social media as their first port of call, compared to 21% of all other age groups.

A real difference was in the over 55’s category; 26% of candidates conducted research into an organisation before joining, a factor which barely appeared on the radar for all other demographics. Under 25’s heavily focussed on an organisation’s opportunities for career progression. We also see a difference in preferred communication from the different age groups; 30% of candidates over 25 preferred a phone call as their first point of contact with a recruiter, compared to 9% of under 25’s who are far more comfortable using online means of communication.

Key takeaways

  • There is a change in why candidates are looking for a new role in 2024, with learning new skills marked as the highest alongside salary.
  • Different age groups have different preferences in their job search, but they all want a fast recruitment process.
  • It’s important for organisations to focus on L&D, upskilling and reskilling initiatives this year, and offer candidates clear career progression to retain top talent.
  • Career progression information and your working patterns should absolutely be prioritised in your career site and outreach material.
  • The importance of candidate experience and the positioning of our career pages cannot be understated.
  • Personalisation and flexibility are crucial in the recruitment process.
  • Candidates aren’t afraid of the office, the 2-day office week is definitely being normalised and candidates are looking for it, as long as it’s flexible.
  • There are 4 crucial elements to a successful role advert; role and responsibilities, skills and experience required, salary or daily rate, and flexible working culture. 
  • It is as good a time as ever to hire tech candidates, the market won’t last like this forever!

Download the full ‘What Tech Candidates Want’ report here.

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