Project Recruitment solutions are designed to respond to specific business needs, such as scaling down due to market changes or scaling up in a new location. This solution ensures agility is a priority and outsources particular recruitment projects for short-term needs. There are a few differing iterations of Project Recruitment, take a look...

What is Project Recruitment?

Project Recruitment overlays high-depth, tech vertical expertise onto a traditional project recruitment solution. This is done by deploying our team of specialist consultants (see Lorien Specialist Markets) to fulfil requirements, and can be done for either Project Recruitment or Recruiter on Demand. This is best used for small volume, high intensity projects where niche or hard-to-fill skillsets are required.

Why choose us?

Our approach is tailored to suit each individual business, whilst optimising the latest innovations within technology to secure high-quality resources. We want to help your organisation grow by supporting spikes in your hiring activity head-on, altering the solution during quieter periods and meeting hiring needs in specific timeframes.

What are the benefits to Project Recruitment?

  • Flexibility - Scale your recruitment up or down to meet demand simply and quickly.
  • On-demand expertise - Call upon specialists in your chosen tech markets to hit the ground running even at short notice.
  • Support for internal resources - Reduce pressure on your internal team by offering support during peak hiring and high-volume campaigns.
  • Controlled spend - Pay for what you need, when you need it.
  • Secure resources in time, on budget - Ramp up activity to prevent delays to critical projects.
  • Custom-built models - Harness market insight to design a recruitment experience focused on your results.