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Lorien is a technology recruitment solutions specialist, with over 40 years’ industry experience. From regularly immersing ourselves in industry trends to working with a wide range of clients’ specifications and speaking to talent to understand their experience, we know what it takes to get our clients ahead of the curve. Our experience within a variety of sectors has given us a uniquely broad perspective – equipping us with the tools to create tailored solutions. This gives our clients the power to excel at tech, no matter their core discipline. And because we work across the full technology spectrum, we cut out the hassle of having to choose either large-scale talent solutions generalists that don’t truly get tech or tech specialists that can’t offer full-scale solutions. At Lorien, we pride ourselves on being trusted consultants to both clients and talent alike. Because together we can create a brighter future.

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We combine specialist tech recruitment with the scope, depth and breadth of large scale talent solutions. Our unique approach  has a proven track record – we manage 5,000 contract placements and connect 2,000 permanent tech specialists with our clients every year. From start-up to established, tech companies and those who use tech to propel them further - we work with them all. Of course some tech talent are drawn to the big names in the industry, but it’s our job to open their eyes to what else is out there. Because we know a lot of ground breaking tech is coming from unexpected places - and it’s what’s making businesses boom.

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Why Choose Us_

Because we step into your shoes, your industry and your needs, finding the right way forward is almost intuitive. Experience and a genuine interest in your goals gives us the power to find the right talent to fit your needs. We take care of everything from payroll all the way to in-house enterprise talent solutions. This means we get the chance to work with clients spanning a range of sectors, including market leaders in telecoms, retail, automotive, gaming, finance and beyond. Our experience and exposure gives us a wider perspective and the chance to discover new insights in the tech market.

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No two clients are the same. That’s why we always create solutions individually tailored to each client’s needs and goals, offering everything from one-off services to a full suite. Find out more about our services below.

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Tech touches every corner of our lives. From digital transformation journeys to defending our cyber systems and boosting networking capabilities, the fifth industrial revolution affects every business in every industry. Understanding these trends, how they’re evolving and the people within them, find out the specialisms we cover below.

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The future of technology is limitless. Every day brings new breakthroughs that can change the way we all live and work. And we’ve seen first-hand that it’s thanks to people power. We believe that harnessing this power comes down to forging strong relationships and going beyond just meeting expectations. Looking at the bigger picture, our teams experience your culture first-hand and truly get a feel for how technology could transform your business. Building relationships on trust, transparency and delivering promises with clients and talent, together we can go forwards and grow.

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