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We’re determined to build a better future for everyone. In 2022 Lorien, alongside sister brands SRG and Carbon60, appointed Chris Blackburn as our Head of CSR. Chris is helping us find ways to give back to our local community and to solve key issues our world faces – such as STEM skill shortages, equal opportunities, and access to resources. We’re working with a number of partners to help us achieve this, including, Lucy Air Ambulance for Children and TechGirls. Find out more about these amazing businesses and charities below.

Lucy Air Ambulance for Children

Lucy Air Ambulance for Children

Lucy Air Ambulance (Lucy AAC) is Lorien’s corporate charity partner for 2022/2023. 

Lucy Air Ambulance for Children (Lucy AAC) is a national charity that ensures babies and critically ill children can access specialist treatment and care, wherever they are in the UK. Often the only way these children can access this care is to travel between hospitals by aeroplane and Lucy AAC is the only air ambulance charity in the UK that provides this unique service. These transfers provide life-changing outcomes for the children Lucy AAC fly, including children being discharged from long hospital stays, overcoming diseases like cancer, and receiving a diagnosis which finally enables families to gain new support from other organisations that are disease/disability specific. The NHS does not have any budget for air ambulance transfers and relies on Lucy AAC to provide this essential service at no cost.

Lorien people chose Lucy AAC after learning about the life-saving work that the charity does to help critically ill children, and for our close ties to sciences, medicine, and engineering, as part of the Impellam Group STEM portfolio. Over the next 18 months, we’ll be working alongside our sister brands in Carbon60 and SRG to raise funds for this much-needed charity. Look out for news about out latest fundraising adventures!


Learn more about Lucy AAC is an award-winning coding school re-defining coding education for 3-11-year-olds. They believe every child needs a coding education and their mission is to make quality coding education accessible to every family no matter what their schedule or budget.

Lorien has partnered with for a number of years on different initiatives, including most recently providing children from disadvantaged backgrounds with access to’s new app.

We believe that the work that Liane Katz and her team do to bring basic coding skills to children of all backgrounds is vital, particularly for levelling the playing field for girls in tech. 

Learn more about and the new app in our interview here.

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Tech Girls


TechGirls is a school’s outreach provider that supports schools to enrich their STEM experience. They bring industry experience and classroom management together to create fun, interactive and inclusive STEM workshops for primary and secondary school students. Their workshops are designed to help students develop essential skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving while having fun.

Lorien have partnered with TechGirls since 2020 to help tackle the country’s STEM skills shortage and to promote greater gender diversity in tech. We co-host events across the UK, working with local schools and our clients to bring to life the real-world opportunities of a career in tech and inspire the next generation of girls.

Learn more about TechGirls

Help Lorien build a better future

Help Lorien build a better future

Can we help each other? If you’re working on the same goals as us – bridging the STEM skills gap – or if you’re using tech in inspirational ways, get in touch. We want to hear how you’re creating a brighter future for people and the planet, and what we can do to help. 

And if we’re inspired you to work with some of our partners, please also reach out. We’re happy to have a conversation about how we can work with each other, or even to connect you to them directly.


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