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Helping you to find a foothold in some of the toughest tech markets out there, our Specialist Markets solutions are the definition of expert-led. Our consultants are vertically aligned to give you an in-depth understanding of specific tech markets and emerging tech stacks, and help you find the talent that others can’t. No matter how niche, new or in-demand the skillset, we know where to find it.

Lorien Specialist Markets

What is Specialist Markets?

Specialist Markets is the specialist division of Lorien. We’re focused on niche, skill scarce and cutting-edge tech and digital skillsets, where the market is highly competitive, and the candidate pool is limited. Our people are vertically and regionally aligned and are embedded in their respective tech and digital communities. This means that we can give you unique insight into the make-up of very specific tech markets, help you build connections with niche talent and use our networks to unearth hidden talent. Our team are also armoured with the latest sourcing tools and techniques – including AI-enabled sourcing – to help you dig deeper. We cover all tech and digital markets and all tech sectors.

Tech and Digital

Tech and Digital Talent

We specialise in a broad spectrum of tech and digital verticals, and cover sectors as diverse and fast-growing as ecommerce, gaming, digital health and financial services. This means that as well as meeting traditional tech requirements – like data and analytics or software engineering – we’re also experts in digital, transformation and creative roles. Because we understand that today every business is a tech business, and technology is being used in versatile ways – from drug development to creating compelling digital and ecommerce strategies. So whether you’re building up your online business, creating a world-class digital marketing team, or launching a company-wide change programme, we can give you the expertise to get ahead.

Lorien Specialist Markets

Is Specialist Markets right for me?

If you have a niche, hard-to-fill or skill scarce tech role, Specialist Markets can help. We can support with one-off hires or longer-term campaigns. See Specialist Project Recruitment for more information on hiring specialist teams.

What are the benefits of Specialist Markets?

Expert-to-expert engagement_

Harness the in-depth expertise of consultants working with your market, for your vertical, in your sector.

Hire hard-to-fill roles with confidence_

We take on the niche, skill scarce roles that only specialists can deliver. No matter how small the perceived candidate pool, how new the technology or how tough the competition, our consultants will find the talent you need.

Talent pipelining_

Take your brand to the heart of the market by using our specialists to communicate your employer value proposition (EVP) to the community and our networks to build brand advocacy.

Build your business for the future_

Take advantage of our expertise to stay up-to-date on tech and community trends and build tech teams primed for the future.

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Lorien Specialist Markets

Proven capability

An energy trading and commodities business requires diverse tech and change talent (from business analysts to python engineers to director-level), with both in-demand tech skills and specific energy and commodities experience – such as knowledge of the highly specialised energy trading platform OpenLink Endur. Due to the niche nature of the roles, market expertise is pivotal. Our sector expert has been connected to the energy, trading and tech sector for over fifteen years, enabling us to understand nuanced requirements and tap into networks to uncover talent. As a result, in the last ten years of delivery, Lorien has ranked in first or second place for delivery. We also supply market intelligence, direct hire support and delivered an IR35 project – showing how different Lorien services can be integrated for a specialised solution in any market.

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