MSP and Contingent Workforce Solutions


By bringing transparency to your contingent workforce use, embedding efficiency and cost savings in processes, and maintaining a sharp eye over workforce and tech market changes, we keep you ready for the future. Our solutions are always fit-for-purpose and always agile, so optimising your contingent recruitment is made easy.

MSP and Contingent Workforce solutions

What is a Managed Service Provider / Contingent Workforce Solution?

In an MSP programme or a CWS, temporary and contract recruitment is outsourced to a third-party solutions provider – that’s us. We take responsibility for the full contingent lifecycle on your behalf, from workforce planning and supplier management to contractor care and offboarding. In our experience, the most effective MSP solutions have an aligned account management team, an optimised vendor management system (VMS) and a focus on control and cost savings.

MSP and Contingent Workforce

Is an MSP/CWS right for me?

If you have a medium to large-sized contingent workforce, an MSP/CWS solution will work for you. Whether you’re looking for your first MSP to improve visibility, compliance or control, or an existing MSP advocate looking for a fresh strategy with a new partner, we can create a solution that fits you. If you have a smaller contingent workforce, or you’re looking to scale up, you may want to consider one of our Project Recruitment services.

What are the benefits of a Managed Service Provider or Contingent Workforce Solution?


Enable hiring managers to acquire talent easily through clear-cut, standardised processes across all suppliers, driving down time-to-hire. We'll also take responsibility for managing the supplier base for you.


Gain visibility of the entire contingent population through a bespoke VMS, providing regular reporting and a clear audit trail.

Dedicated account team _

Call upon industry experts to manage suppliers, source top talent and drive best practice on your behalf. We’ll build relationships with your business users to understand what works for you and to improve compliance.


While spend and contractor tracking keeps processes in line, we’ll also manage all legislative and governance requirements.


Significantly reduce administrative burden by running all contractor and supplier engagement through a single trusted provider.


We select suppliers with proven skills, as well as incentivising performance and structure rates to provide strong candidates at competitive costs.

Cost savings_

Secure significant cost savings through exercises including supply chain rationalisation, rate card benchmarking and contractor furloughs. With over 90% direct fill rate on average across our top MSP accounts, our clients always see reductions in their tech resource spend.

MSP Case Study

MSP Case Study

A large banking organisation wanted a technology MSP that could deliver both high quality, niche tech talent and control and visibility for their 1,500-strong tech contractor population. With fluctuating volumes and a number of high-profile projects – including a company-wide digital transformation programme – the company needed a partner that was agile, proactive and a true tech specialist. Through an aligned onsite account team, strategic planning and a commitment to doing things differently, we have achieved over £12m in savings, delivered a 98% direct fill rate across diverse role categories and easily met scaling volumes – including a 175% scale in 2015. Contact us for more information, by completing the form below.

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