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We pair tech-enabled businesses with the world-class executive talent of today, and the inspirational leaders of tomorrow. We have helped over 160 candidates find their place at some of the world’s leading organisations. Our experience has taught us the characteristics and skills that it takes to drive success at a senior level for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Mapping organisational culture and objectives, we make matches that matter. We’re agile to market shifts, aligned to customer need and embedded in executive tech circles – giving you access to vital skills at the highest level.

Executive Search

What is Search by Lorien?

Executive search is about finding your next generation of leaders. Whether you call it headhunting, search and selection, executive search or retained search, the principle is the same — we recruit senior-level talent that will drive your business from the top. We use specialist retained search consultants to go beyond the conventional sourcing strategies of traditional recruitment. It’s precise, insight-led work that relies on trust in exclusive talent communities, which we believe is an expert job. Recruitment fees are usually paid on a retained basis, where the consultant is paid an instalment for their time, and the remainder for a successful match.

Executive Search

Is executive search right for me?

If you have a talent gap in your senior leadership team or C-suite, our executive search function will help you. Engaging executive talent is a highly specialised job that requires experienced consultants to locate, attract and engage high calibre candidates. If you are looking for niche talent, but think executive search may be too senior, take a look at our Specialist Markets offering.

Take a look at our Specialist Markets offering

What are the benefits of Search by Lorien?


Our senior directors have over 10 years’ professional experience in executive search. Their market insight, networks and attitude mean they engage with executive candidates at their own level, building trust quickly.

Flexible fees_

We’ve divided our standard fees into three payments – instruction, acceptance of shortlist, and offer accepted – so you can choose the best recruitment approach for you.

Precise candidate matches_

We know that often the challenge isn’t finding talent, it’s finding the right talent. So, we get under the skin of your organisation to understand your needs, culture and structure – resulting in more aligned, longer term fits.

A personal experience_

We tailor each stage of the recruitment and selection plan to fit around your timescales and the characteristics that matter to you. And we’ll keep you updated every step of the way with a consultative, hands-on approach.

Pioneering talent_

Our networks are constantly being refreshed by leads generated by Lorien as we track maturing talent, helping us to unlock referral paths and identify rising stars.

Boost your diversity_

Diverse businesses perform better, but there aren’t enough people in positions of power to drive this. We can provide balanced shortlists to help you find the best people from every background.

Exec Search

Executive Search Case Study

A global information technology company required four FS Partners to drive its strategy from the top. After internal recruitment operations failed, and much of the open market had been exhausted, they turned to Lorien for help. With 12 years’ experience working with the client, we knew what to do. We rapidly pivoted to the requirement, establishing a project team and setting out clear-cut SLAs and expectations for requirements. The business also required equal gender representation to meet its D&I agenda. We quickly identified the talent communities for this skillset – drawing on our networks to find people who would match the business culturally and strategically. As a result, we made all four hires within timeframes, with a 50:50 gender split.

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