By bringing transparency to your hiring, embedding efficiency in processes, and maintaining a sharp eye over workforce and tech market changes, we keep you ready for the future. Our solutions are always fit-for-purpose and always agile, so optimising your recruitment is made easy.


What are our Consultancy Services?

Our services are built to serve specific industry challenges and include solutions for candidate attraction and marketing in talent-scarce markets, diversity and inclusion, process improvements, market / data insight, technology consulting and cost saving and planning. Our Consultancy Services can be used individually or alongside other recruitment models to provide you with the insight and expertise to make positive strategic decisions. Our most popular offerings include bespoke research and whitepapers into HR and recruitment-based topics, with some recent publications including ‘The Future of Employee Benefits’, ‘How Hybrid Working Affects Talent Acquisition’ and ‘Technology Outsourcing and Offshoring: Trends and Behaviours’. We also host regular thought leadership events to help our clients imagine and prepare for the future. We also offer quarterly innovation workshops where we curate the best new HR and recruitment technology for your organisation based on the challenges you may be facing.


Are Consultancy Services the right solution for me?

If you have a specific challenge, requirement or query related to recruitment, our Consultancy Services can help. Our portfolio of services is broad and covers every element of the recruitment lifecycle, from companies just starting out to those looking to accelerate their existing processes. Whether it’s building a new Employer or Contractor Value Proposition, looking to find the best way to fairly assess candidates, find out about the best new recruitment tools on the market or even just to benchmark yourself against the market, speak to us to find out how we can help you.

What are the benefits of Consultancy services?


We combine the expertise of our people with the authority of external specialists to give you genuine insight into the market. We work with clients just like you, on challenges just like yours, so we know what good looks like.

Custom built_

Built bespoke for your requirements, our Consultancy Services can be used individually or built onto other services, so you can customise the package that works for you.


Take an outside perspective to expose patterns, identify challenges and develop solutions in ways you may never have considered. Our suite of data tools offer insight into specific skills and job markets.

Tech-focused lens_

As technology specialists, we apply a tech filter over everything we do, ensuring that what we deliver is fit-for-purpose in a competitive digital market.


Enhance your processes based on the latest research and thought leadership from our expert consultants. Think strategically to maximise your results.

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Consultancy Case Study

Consultancy Case Study

As the IR35 reform approached, an insurance group with a 120-strong contractor workforce in the UK required extensive, end-to-end support over eight weeks. Lorien worked with our leading IR35 specialist partner to carry out an extensive IR35 audit, examining the client’s existing IR35 processes, producing a detailed report with recommendations, and carrying out case-by-case IR35 status determinations, led by an IR35 expert. Lorien managed the project, ensuring the client had visibility of the process, clear communication and on-demand access to IR35 expertise. As a result, the client was given full determinations for all contractors – leaving the client confident and prepared for the IR35 reform.  

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