Business Solutions

Our business solutions are shaped to meet your needs and goals, with the agility to adapt as you grow. Covering all technology verticals, from entry-level to c-suite, with solutions from one-off hires to full enterprise models, we specialise in bringing expert talent solutions across the full digital spectrum.

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Our Recruitment Expertise - Specialist Markets

Helping you to find a foothold in some of the toughest tech markets out there, our Specialist Markets solutions are the definition of expert-led.

RPO & Total Talent Acquisition

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)/Total Talent Acquisition (TTA) models set you apart from the competition. Our models are flexible for your future but robust for your users. They are tailored to you but put you in proven trustworthy hands.  We’ll help you to unlock new talent pools, raise your brand awareness and become a magnet for passive talent. Putting candidate and stakeholder experience at the heart of our delivery, we’ll also shape and futureproof your strategy by harnessing innovation and best practice. We attract, select and retain the permanent talent to ensure you are the employer of choice. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) means completely or partially outsourcing your permanent recruitment services to an external recruitment service provider. This can span everything from workforce planning and talent mapping through to support with talent attraction and employer branding. Our RPO solutions include a dedicated, expert-led delivery team and specialist technology to optimise processes. Total Talent Acquisition is an extension of RPO and integrates both RPO and MSP into a single, outsourced solution. Covering the entire talent lifecycle for permanent and temporary hires, our TTA solutions offer a holistic, aerial view of the entire resourcing landscape.

If you are looking for a single source for your permanent recruitment and regularly need permanent hires, RPO is the right choice for you. If this is also true for your contingent recruitment – or you have a medium to large sized contingent population – consider TTA. RPO or TTA is best for businesses that are looking for a long-term solution that will improve talent attraction and retention while also enhancing customer and candidate experience.

  • Strategy 
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Talent retention
  • Boost your EVP
  • Increase candidate quality 
  • Synergy and balance
  • Reduced cost and spend
RPO & Total Talent Acquisition

Managed Service Provider (MSP) & Contingent Workforce Solutions

Take control of your contractor and temporary workforce by introducing a Managed Service Provider and Contingent Workforce Solution. Always fit-for purpose and agile, our solutions will bring transparency and embed efficiency into your workforce. We'll work with you, your team, and your suppliers to achieve the optimum process which aligns with your business strategy and puts you ahead of your competitors. We will future proof your recruitment strategy by introducing cose saving processes and maintaing a sharp eye over workforce and tech market changes. We believe MSP/CWS solutions are about partnership.

In an MSP program or a CWS, temporary and contract recruitment is outsourced to a third-party solutions provider – that’s us. We take responsibility for the full contingent lifecycle on your behalf, from workforce planning and supplier management to contractor care and offboarding. In our experience, the most effective MSP solutions have an aligned account management team, an optimised vendor management system (VMS) and a keen focus on control and cost savings.

If you have a medium to large-sized contingent workforce, an MSP/CWS solution will work for you. Whether you’re looking for your first MSP to improve visibility, compliance or control, or you are an existing MSP advocate looking for a fresh strategy with a new partner, we can create a solution that fits you. 

  • Control
  • Compliance
  • Cost savings
  • Transparency
  • Simplicity
  • Dedicated account team
  • Quality
Managed Service Provider (MSP) & Contingent Workforce Solutions

Project Recruitment

Project Recruitment solutions are designed to respond to specific business needs, such as scaling down due to market changes or scaling up in a new location. This solution ensures agility is a priority and outsources particular recruitment projects for short-term needs. Designed with agility in mind, our expert team can be called upon at short notice to support with spikes in hiring activity, and can be scaled down during quiet periods. This makes our Project Recruitment solutions perfect for short campaigns, up-scaling businesses or meeting ever-changing company demands. Acting as the invisible engine behind your business, we design and manage end-to-end recruitment projects.

Project Recruitment enables you to act quickly by outsourcing specific recruitment projects for short-term needs. From candidate shortlisting to end-to-end programs, we tailor our approach to suit you – optimizing the latest innovations in the sector to secure high-quality resources in the shortest timeframe. Every business faces periods when recruitment activity needs to ramp up – whether it’s due to market changes, expanding into a new location or simply upscaling. Your ability to grow should be unrestricted, and we remove the hurdles.

Do you experience peaks and troughs in your requirements, often at short notice? Do you have an upcoming project or campaign that needs a high volume of hires in specific timeframes? Or, perhaps your internal resourcing function need some temporary support with meeting requirements. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Project Recruitment could be the right solutions for you.

  • Flexibility
  • Controlled Spend
  • On-Demand Expertise
  • Secure Resources in time, on budget
  • Support for Internal resources
  • Custom-built models
Project Recruitment

Specialist Markets

Our specialist division, Lorien Specialist Markets, focus on sourcing talent to fill niche, in-demand and emerging roles. We can help you to find a foothold in some of the toughest tech and telecommunications markets out. Expert-led and covering a broad spectrum of tech and digital verticals, our consultants are vertically aligned to give you an in-depth understanding of specific tech markets and emerging tech stacks and help you find the talent that others can’t. Our background means that we cover all digital skillsets, but there are specific sub-sectors where we provide even deeper levels of insight–often in the places where skills are niche, rare, competitive, or just developing. We call these our Specialist Markets.

Our Specialist Market team are focused on niche, skill-scarce, and cutting-edge tech and telecommunications skillsets, where the market is highly competitive, and the candidate pool is limited. These can range from e-commerce, gaming, digital health, and financial services alongside traditional sectors including software engineering and digital marketing. From individual hires to teams of experts, immediate need to ongoing demand, we map the market and deliver. Representing the highest standard of expertise in the industry, we help you find the talent that others can’t.

If you have a niche, hard-to-fill or skill scarce tech role, Specialist Markets can help. We can support with one-off hires or longer-term campaigns. 

  • Expert-to-expert engagement
  • Build your business for the future
  • Hire hard-to-fill roles with confidence
  • Talent pipelining
Specialist Markets

Statement of Work (SOW)

Powered by Lorien, Valinor is our Statement of Work solution, a technology, advisory and project delivery specialist. Bringing quality, efficiency, and transparency to every Statement of Work programme, we work closely with our clients to manage the end-to-end process of project delivery
with complete care and control.

Statement of Work (SOW) models are outcome-based contracts. We provide experts to deliver services against a defined set of outputs, milestones, or deliverables.

A Statement of Work offers an alternative to conventional recruitment models. Instead of supplying resources on an hourly basis, a SOW project provides fixed costs for achieving set milestones or deliverables. This service offers an alternative for businesses whose requirements mean they may not get the same value in terms of cost and efficiency from traditional talent models.

  • Transparency
  • Standalone services
  • Reduced risk
  • Efficiency
  • Control
  • Expertise
Statement of Work (SOW)

Contract & Permanent Recruitment

Our experience tells us that there’s a candidate for every role, no matter how specific the skillset or competitive the sector. From the stability and structure of longer-term permanent contracts to one-off contracts, we’re responsible for sourcing thousands of talented tech candidates and contractors
every year. Covering a broad range of technical disciplines at all career stages, we make meaningful candidate-client matches. We connect the talent that builds better businesses. 

We cover all tech requirements, including data and analytics, cloud, infrastructure and networks, testing and QA, business change and transformation, software development, cybersecurity, ERP and CRM, service delivery and operations, design and architecture, engineering and DevOps, UI, UX and front-end, RPA, digital marketing, and product. 

Staffing Solutions may be right for you if you only have role requirements occasionally or you have an urgent requirement that requires a tech specialist. It may also be right for you if your resourcing programme is still developing and an outsourced solution feels too mature at the moment.

  • Quick delivery
  • Fair prices
  • Extensive networks
  • Expertise
Contract & Permanent Recruitment

Consultancy Services

Looking for consultancy services that will bring transparency to your hiring and improve the efficiency of your processes? Our agile solutions can optimise your recruitment, offering you a service which can cover every element of the hiring lifecycle. Whether it’s building a new Contractor Value Proposition or discovering the latest cutting-edge tools, our expert teams keep a sharp eye over workforce and tech market changes, ensuring you are ready for the future.

Our services are built to serve specific industry challenges and include solutions for candidate attraction and marketing in talent-scarce markets, diversity, and inclusion, process improvements, market/data insight, technology consulting, and cost saving and planning. Our Consultancy Services can be used individually or alongside other recruitment models to provide you with the insight and expertise to make positive strategic decisions.



Are you facing challenges in your recruitment? Our consultancy services could be the answer. Our portfolio of services is broad and covers every element of the recruitment lifecycle, helping companies that are just starting out to those looking to accelerate their existing processes. Whether it’s building a new Employer or Contractor Value Proposition, looking to find the best way to fairly assess candidates, finding out about the best new recruitment tools on the market, or even just benchmarking yourself against the market, speak to us to find out how we can help you. 


  • Expertise
  • Custom Built
  • Tech-Focused Lens
  • Optimization
  • Insight
Consultancy Services

Employed Consultant Model (ECM)

Lorien’s Employed Consultant Model solution provides companies with the best of both worlds, top quality contingent talent, with the security of a permanent hire. EMC bridges the gap between permanent and contingent recruitment, locking in key skills over an extended period of time, leading
to an increase in capability and therefore an accelerate of your goals.

An Employed Consultant Model is the perfect middle ground between a contingent and permanent resourcing solution. In an ECM, specialist technology consultants employed by Lorien are supplied to clients on an interim basis, either as part of a team or individually. Whether your business is under pressure to deliver more with less resources, requires additional skillsets to drive and manage change, or maybe you need a new resource blend to continually ensure external skillsets and diversity – Lorien’s ECM solutions may have the answer.

Our ECMs are designed to help you benefit from dedicated, experienced resources, while keeping the door open to external knowledge. Our Employed Consultants are hand-picked for each client based on their skillset, cultural fit, experience, and attitude. The purpose of a Lorien Employed Consultant Model is to add sustainable value to your business, which is why knowledge transfer is a key part of our solution. Our ECs understand that their role is to upskill, add value and share expertise. As a result, as well as technical expertise, our ECs will also bring outside-in thinking, formalise knowledge handover and work with your permanent team to upskill and develop. 

  • Expertise
  • Alignment
  • Investment
  • Control
  • Scalability
  • Delivery
Employed Consultant Model (ECM)

Statement of Work Management

Lorien’s Statement of Work Management and Services Procurement brings transparency and visibility to your Statement of Work spend by ensuring control and governance, while embedding efficiency and cost savings. The result is an agile yet compliant workforce that delivers the outcomes you need to stay ahead.

A SoW Management or Services Procurement Programme can add value at multiple points within the SoW lifecycle, however SoW Management typically records, monitors, and manages SoW transactions and engagements, whilst overseeing deliverables to provide security and governance. 

If you have limited visibility of your Statement of Work engagements and overall spend it may be worth considering a discovery assessment. SoW Management Programme provides companies with the transparency needed to benchmark the competitiveness of supplier rates and ensures that contracts with suppliers are uniform.

  • Optimised supplier panel
  • Visibility 
  • Risk mitigation
  • Deliverables management
  • Efficiency
  • Engagment definition 
Statement of Work Management

Our Insights | News, Events & Case Studies

We believe in the power of technology; that’s why we keep up to date with tech advancements and the latest trends to provide regular market insight to our clients and candidates.

We are always learning, adapting, and educating.