How modern is your recruitment style?

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How modern is your recruitment style?
Adam Robinson

How modern is your recruitment style?

Recruitment is an industry that has evolved significantly over the last couple of decades. With huge changes made within the sector, I wanted to explain how core values have shifted in recent years and how this indicates a more positive outlook for the industry’s future.

Recruitment is an industry that has evolved significantly over the last couple of decades. With huge changes made within the sector, I wanted to explain how core values have shifted in recent years and how this indicates a more positive outlook for the industry’s future. Whether you are new to recruitment or an experienced hand (or even a client wanting to learn more), this blog will help you learn how to spot a recruitment business that is moving with the times – and naturally, I’m including Lorien as one of them! We’re also currently hiring across some very unique opportunities in the recruitment and talent solutions industry at the moment, so if you’re interested, please check out our internal opportunities at the end of this blog.

The value of culture

Gone are the days of suits and ties and a ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ attitude within recruitment, with a new age of recruitment ushering in a more personable culture and a better work-life balance. One obvious example is the new hybrid model that many recruiters, including Lorien, are incorporating in order to prevent the threat of burnout and ensure that people can still work hard whilst being comfortable.

At Lorien, our people-focused culture is driven from the top – from our Manging Director to each individual recruiter – and plays a key role in forming those key relationships. We also offer additional benefits for employees, such as big incentives and uncapped commission, mental health first aiders and a family-feel culture. This allows us to reward the hard workers at Lorien from day one and make them feel immediately comfortable by offering them mental health packages that ensure they’ve always got someone available to speak with on any matter.

Career progression is also something that goes hand-in-hand with company culture and is a hot topic as of late. For myself at Lorien, I began as a Senior Consultant in 2013 and have worked my way up to Regional Director, with a few stops along the way. The previously mentioned people-focused culture has allowed me to progress my recruitment career in the way I want to and has provided me with invaluable experience at each stage of my progression, highlighting that a recruiter can climb the career ladder in the right environment.

The value of relationships

Recruitment is all about focusing on the people – both clients and candidates. At Lorien, we have excellent relationships with both parties and have many long-term clients that range from smaller start-ups to global organisations. Having a range of clients available to interact with ensures you’re gaining valuable experience placing candidates in different sized businesses and collaborating with a diverse portfolio of clients.

I have found that Lorien recruiters are consultative and ensure that they are putting the best candidate for the role forward, regardless of their experience, by understanding exactly what the client is looking for. This leads us to working with some interesting candidates from a mixture of backgrounds and making a lasting impression on them, therefore forming another connection in a different sector.

Because of Lorien’s many specialisms – placing candidates in sectors from cybersecurity to digital marketing – we have a wide network of clients and candidates alike. Our passion for finding roles and expertise in the tech industry makes us a good business to be aligned with. Firstly because of the broad knowledge we possess at Lorien, with our recruiters being well-versed in the tech sphere, but also due to the industry-focused events we invite our connections to, such as our Tech Meets Talent event in May. Events like this allow our extended network to hear from tech titans such as ASOS, Nationwide and Rightmove, highlighting the value of relationships as a recruiter. Recruitment is ever-changing and recruiters have to be agile in order to move with both the industry and our clients, particularly in the tech sector. By moving with the industry, a recruiter is able to attract clients and grow their skills and network quickly.

The value of recruitment approaches

The attitudes towards recruitment and recruiters is also something that’s changed from past attitudes, with companies now investing in talent strategies and seeking out recruiters, rather than seeing external expertise as a last resort. Because of this, recruiters have had to test out a variety of recruitment models to suit clients of different sizes, sectors, and needs. Lorien offers a variety of client services, such as project recruitment, where we design and manage end-to-end recruitment projects on behalf of our clients, and total talent acquisition that focuses on attracting and retaining top talent by harnessing innovation and best practice – just two of our many client services that we offer in order to differentiate ourselves and our approach. This has helped to distinguish recruitment as a partnership-led service rather than as simply transactional.

However, Lorien’s client services are only so successful due to the practices behind them. We don’t offer anything we aren’t already doing, for example our total talent acquisition service focuses on talent retention – something we are well versed in as Lorien’s annual retention was 77.06% as of December 2021. A recruiter needs to know about different recruitment approaches in order to offer them to clients and that is why, at Lorien, we practice before we preach.

Additionally, one of Lorien’s most unique features as a recruitment business is our focus on specialist digital solutions across the full sector. Many other recruitments businesses offer narrow expertise on specific digital sector for one-off placements, or they deliver high volume recruitment models and deals that last over two years. At Lorien, we offer both of the above services and everything in-between, saving our clients time and money in the process. We also focus on continuous improvement and innovation, with a dedicated hub built within the larger Impellam Group that Lorien is part of.

The culture of recruitment is constantly evolving and Lorien is at the forefront, implementing flexible working procedures and offering high staff retention – both positive things mentioned above. Working in an environment that is anti-micromanagement and outcomes-focused allows staff retention and satisfaction to remain high whilst the job gets done. To learn more about Lorien and our work environment, click here. Alternatively, if you are thinking about joining Lorien or have any questions, please email me on

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