Our best blogs in 2023

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Our best blogs in 2023
Liv Shaw

Our best blogs in 2023

As we reach the end of the year, we highlight some of our most popular and well-discussed blogs - including discussions on new ways of working and salary visibility.

From discussions on flexible working to the importance of salary visibility and the rise of the digital age,  we’ve had a busy year of blogging at Lorien! Read below to see the highlights from 2023 you won’t want to miss, and don’t forget to check out our awards and events round up to see what our team have been up to in 2023.

The future of the four-day working week

The four-day working week became even more of a hot topic this year after a successful pilot was launched in the UK for employees to work a 32-hour week. UK Director of Delivery Adam Robinson gave his thoughts on the possibility of adopting a four-day working week, and all the pros and cons that come with it. Read Adam’s thoughts, alongside the results of the UK’s four-day pilot, here.

The importance of salary visibility

Our What Tech Candidates Want 2023 survey offered unique insight into candidates’ thoughts, including their feelings on salary visibility. We used the survey results to highlight why salary is still a main driver for candidates in tech, and why organisations should advertise roles with a salary included. We also offer advice for organisations who are unable to publish salary information. Explore more on salary visibility here.

Permanent vs Temporary Work

With the number of job applications continuing to rise in 2023, we wanted to shed some light on options for candidates. Many candidates don’t know the best fit for them or are not aware of the variety of opportunities out there. Our blog helped identify the differences between a permanent and a temporary role. Learn more on the benefits and drawbacks of each type of role here.

Gen Z: How to attract and retain the digital generation

As the tech and digital talent shortage continues, we explored ways organisations are able to tap into the Gen Z candidate pool. With Gen Z candidates already equipped with tech knowledge, and a well-reported ability of easily picking up new digital skills, organisations are encouraged to get them on board. Understand what motivates Gen Z workers by reading our blog.

How important is flexible working to tech candidates?

This year saw an influx of companies returning to office working and leaving hybrid or remote working behind. However, in our What Tech Candidates Want 2023 survey, we learned what candidates actually desire – flexibility. Our blog explored the future of flexible working, and how organisations can use flexibility to boost candidate attraction, alongside other valuable insights that can be found here.

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