What Pride Month means to Lorien

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What Pride Month means to Lorien
Liv Shaw

What Pride Month means to Lorien

Here at Lorien, we always strive to celebrate diversity and equality. Find out why Pride Month matters to Lorien and Impellam Group in this blog.

As part of the Impellam Group, Pride Month is very important to us here at Lorien. We always strive to focus on diversity and inclusion both internally and externally. This Pride Month we have celebrated with some fun activities including a company wide bake-off fundraiser, a pop-culture quiz and lots more.

To keep those celebrations going, we thought it would be fitting to honour Pride Month by highlighting what it means to our colleagues in the Impellam Group.


James Stabler – Client Marketing Executive at Lorien
What does Pride Month mean to you?

To me, Pride Month is all about celebrating how far the LGBTQIA+ community has come. We should remember the hard work that came before us that has allowed us to get where we are right now.

It’s important to remember that Pride started as a protest for equal rights and for visibility of the community. We still have a long way to go though, and we need to protect all members of the community.

What do you like to see in an ally?

An ally is not just simply someone who supports LGBTQIA+ rights – although that is amazing! An ally is someone who helps to educate and challenge others who may have outdated or harmful views on the community.

What is a positive memory you have of Pride?

Pride is such a great celebration of all things LGBTQ+ and it’s amazing to be in a safe space with all of my queer peers who may not be able to be their true selves due to religion or culture. My favourite memory is having so much fun with all of my friends!


Talia Faverzani – Marketing Assistant at SRG
What does Pride Month mean to you?

Pride Month is a time to celebrate how far we have come in terms of acceptance for the LGBTQIA+ community. But it is important to still raise awareness of issues affecting the community even as society becomes more accepting.

What do you like to see in an ally?

A good ally respects others for who they are. Listening to members of the community, researching our history and being understanding are all very valuable things to me in an ally.

What is a positive memory you have of Pride?

For me, one of my absolute favourite memories of Pride is my very first one in 2019. Walking around the Gay Village and Canal Street in Manchester, seeing the amazing parade, and then watching Ariana Grande perform. The atmosphere was warm, and everyone around me was happy.


And our celebration of the community isn’t over yet. We are looking forward to taking part in the Manchester Pride Parade in August with 50 of our team walking with us! The theme this year is “’Buzzin’ to be queer – a hive of progress” and we’re sure it’s one not to miss.


To read more of our insights, click here. To see our Manchester Pride celebrations in August, and other inclusive events we take part in, follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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