What Tech Candidates Want – Latest Research and Statistics

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What Tech Candidates Want – Latest Research and Statistics
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What Tech Candidates Want – Latest Research and Statistics

Find out the latest in candidate expectations with Lorien’s report on candidate motivations and the candidate market in 2023. Learn what’s changing the tech market and what tech candidates want when it comes salary, hybrid working, experience, and benefits in this report on candidate trends.

What Tech Candidates Want 2023

With tech candidate demand at an all-time high, knowing what the market wants has never been more important.

In Lorien’s What Tech Candidates Want report, we share our latest industry research into what makes tech, digital, and change candidates tick when they’re on the job hunt.

We’ve canvassed our database to understand their plans for the year ahead, what influences their interest in a role, and what makes a great candidate experience.  

And we’ve condensed our findings into one short infographic – so you can get up to speed in five minutes or less. 

Download the report now to understand:

  • How does salary visibility impact applications?
  • Are candidates sticking or twisting in their jobs this year?
  • How has hybrid working changed candidate expectations?
  • How long should a recruitment process be?
  • What do candidates dislike in the recruitment process?
  • What makes a good candidate experience?

With surprising results and touchpoints across the entire recruitment process – from applications to tech testing – if hiring is high on your agenda for 2023, this is a must-read.

Discover a world of insights into the tech talent market with Lorien. Check out our insights page, follow us on LinkedIn, or get in touch with the team to learn more about what to expect from the tech workforce in 2023, and how we can help you achieve your people strategy.

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