The most in-demand tech jobs for 2023 – and how to land them

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The most in-demand tech jobs for 2023 – and how to land them
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The most in-demand tech jobs for 2023 – and how to land them

Using data from our latest salary survey, we delve into the top roles for 2023, what they involve and what you need to secure them.

Whether you’re planning your next career move, looking to enter a new industry, or switching from one tech sector to another, it’s vital that candidates stay up to date with market rates. At Lorien, we pride ourselves on being the experts when it comes to technology recruitment.  Using data from our latest salary survey, we delve into the top roles for 2023, what they involve and what you need to secure them.

The most in-demand tech jobs 2023


With around 7000 UK candidates in this sector, opportunities within AI continue to grow. Recently, AI has overtaken the Financial Tech sector as the most popular tech sector in Europe, and our salary survey discovered that candidates interested in AI roles have increased by 6% year on year.

So why are AI jobs so in demand? One reason is that AI continues to become more prevalent in today’s society – as seen with the rise of ChatGPT in 2023. Many tech experts have recognised this and wish to grow their skills and knowledge in this area. The link between existing tech candidates and those interested in AI roles is also strong, with these roles offering many overlapping skills such as solid technology backgrounds and collaboration.

The most popular role within AI is an AI Engineer and, with AI roles at the beginning of their lifecycle, there is a lot of scope for it to evolve as companies adapt to new ways of working. In the future, we will see many more organisations  form AI-delivering teams, similar to the evolution of Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer roles.

Cloud and DevOps

Cloud Architects with skills in Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) remain the top jobs within Cloud and DevOps, with an average time in role of 18 months. Cloud Architects manage everything within cloud computing, from front-end platforms to servers and storage, and they must possess relevant skills and expertise to navigate complex tech environments, whilst leading teams and implementing cloud strategies.

Lorien data estimates that there are c.18,000 UK candidates within the Cloud and DevOps space – an increase of 4% from 2022. Additionally, 25% of candidates within this sector changed jobs in the last 12 months, highlighting the demand for experts and the multitude of opportunities within this field.

Many candidates who are at the beginning of their Cloud and DevOps careers are already experienced IT professionals wishing to change specialisms. As these candidates already possess skills such as knowledge of programming languages (Java, JavaScript) and familiarity with database management and programming, including SQL, noSQL and Linux, they have an advantage when entering the sector.


As the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks increase, Cybersecurity experts are more in demand from businesses and organisations, with Chief Information Security Officer currently being the highest paid role within the sector. With an estimated 19,000 candidates within this space, there is an average time in role of 18 months and only 6% of candidates have changed their role in the last year, indicating high satisfaction.

Additionally, Cybersecurity roles are projected to grow up to 31% in the next decade, which is much faster than any other occupation within the tech sphere. With so much opportunity, it’s understandable that candidates are drawn to Cybersecurity. A degree is not completely compulsory – candidates can begin in an entry level IT role and work their way up the ladder by gaining experience and the necessary skills. Certifications also assist with an application and allow candidates to stand out during the hiring process.

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics is an industry that is most affected by the tech skills shortage, with demand for data science tasks rising but no professionals to complete them. Respondents to a McKinsey Report said that solving the data analytics skills shortage is a priority focus area for organisations, evidenced by the fact that 24% of candidates changed roles in the last 12 months due to the opportunities currently on offer. Lorien’s salary survey found that there are currently c.65,000 UK candidates in this space – an increase of 5% year on year – and the highest paid role is a Chief Data Officer.

Roles within Data and Analytics typically involve utilising data to inform strategic decisions and enhance the running of organisations. This data can help anticipate the future and can advise on potential behaviours and future earning by considering past and present figures. Many organisations use Data and Analytics to make decisions about marketing, ops and other areas, which is why the impact of the digital skills shortage continues to cost the UK economy £12.8bn per year. To solve the shortage, many candidates are upskilling themselves, with employers offering training opportunities to existing tech candidates.

Software Engineering

Recent data has highlighted that many roles within Software Engineering are highly sought after by organisations, including Back-End Engineers, Full Stack Engineers and Front-End Engineers. Additionally, our salary survey found that Software Development Managers  are current the highest paid employees within Software Engineering. With Software Engineering salaries remaining steady overall in Europe, this sector proves to be a reliable option for careers in tech with many opportunities – seen by the 20% of candidates that have changed roles in the past year – and an estimated 270,000 candidates in the UK.

Similar to Data and Analytics, the Software Engineering sector currently has a battle for top talent as the world continues to become more automation-driven, allowing for a candidate-driven market within this space. This is emphasised by the starting pay for Developers and Engineers within Software Engineering being 64% above the UK average, with much of the talent coming from Manchester, Birmingham, Milton Keynes and Reading alongside the key location of London.

With regards to skills, JavaScript, Redux and Typescript skills are the most in-demand within the sector, with candidates in Software Engineering requiring expertise within computer programme and implementing, testing and maintaining software whilst sitting in a team of other engineers to work closely on projects.


It is estimated there are around 105,000 UK candidates in this space, with many opportunities arising as digital transformation continues to impact the Testing field. Roles in Testing are projected to grow 25% between 2021 and 2031 due to traditional industries now investing in internal Testing teams. The average time a candidate remains in a role in this sector is 22 months, which is significantly higher than other sectors within technology, highlighting that Testing is a thriving space.

The highest paid role in 2023 is a Test Architect, a role which requires knowledge of basic software testing, and understanding of the Software Testing Life Cycle. Other roles within Testing may also involve knowledge of Linux commands, understanding the fundamentals of databases in order to validate data, and proper utilisation of software testing tools.

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