Lorien joins the Tech Talent Charter

Lorien Joins the Tech Talent Charter

In February 2018, Lorien officially joined the Tech Talent Charter (TTC), a commitment made by organisations aimed at improving diversity and addressing gender imbalance in the UK tech workforce. Although predominantly an employer-led initiative, in March 2017 the TTC was supported in the government’s policy paper on the UK Digital Strategy. 

As a technology recruitment company, joining the Tech Talent Charter (TTC) was imperative for us. Attracting diverse talent is becoming increasingly important for the tech sector as enduring skill shortages are being met with digital acceleration and soaring levels of demand. At the same time, there is mounting evidence proving that diverse businesses outperform their counterparts in just about every category – from commercial output to innovation of company culture – meaning that in order for our clients to stay ahead, they need access to a diverse pool of talent. 

Our decision to join the TTC was therefore twofold. Firstly, to grow the natural talent pipeline and secondly to support our clients with attracting and retaining a female workforce. We are committed to helping our clients establish a balanced and inclusive workforce, and joining the TTC lays testament to that fact. 

Speaking of becoming part of the TTC, CEO of Lorien Claire Marsh commented:

At Lorien, we have long been aware of the growing skills gap in tech, a gap that will continue to expand as the digital revolution continues at pace. We are passionate about being part of the movement to close that gap, and have already set in motion a number of initiatives to offset the increasing skills shortages experienced by our clients. 

We believe that increasing the diversity of the tech workforce is fundamental to that aim, as well as being important on a wider level in terms of equal representation, balance and foresight; you cannot build the future of a nation by excluding certain narratives.

As a tech recruitment provider, we partner with our clients to cultivate a workforce that delivers efficiency, insight and helps them to build better businesses. We believe that diversity is essential in creating balanced and successful businesses and therefore joining the Tech Talent Charter was an easy decision for us.

Claire Marsh, CEO
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