Data Domination: the data trends transforming your business in 2022 and what HR and talent acquisition need to know about them

The turbulence of the last two years has seen data emerge as a dominant market force in almost every industry imaginable to drive agility, efficiency, and to unlock the door to more sophisticated, cutting-edge technology.

Today, departments as disparate as operations, marketing, HR and talent acquisition, and procurement, turn to numbers to inform strategy. And data is also an enabler cross-industry, from financial services to life sciences, engineering and telecoms to retail and eCommerce.

Data has become the the driving force for change.

With a ‘new normal’ now upon us, Lorien has launched our latest whitepaper Data Domination: The Data Trends Transforming Your Business in 2022 and What HR and Talent Acquisition Need To Know About Them, with carefully curated insights from Lorien’s experts in technology and digital talent solutions.

In this whitepaper, we will explore all aspects of the data revolution, including key data trends for the year ahead, opportunities for bridging data skills gaps, and how the data game is changing across the entire business estate. HR and talent acquisition will play an essential role in nurturing a culture of data adoption with a clear vision.

The whitepaper will also cover:

  • Talent strategy insight from chief Lorien staff including Annelise Smith, Director of MSP and RPO; Darren Topping, Director of Solutions and Insight; and Nath Ballin, Director of Data and Analytics
  • Key data trends including wide data, XOps, data fabric, and ethical AI and data security
  • How data is both shaping and driving the future of digital transformation
  • How to keep the road to digital acceleration wide open for businesses
  • Future use for data-driven technology
  • How data is being used in HR and talent acquisition
  • Simple steps that HR can take to support the data agenda today and tomorrow

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