Q&A with Vienice Carr

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Q&A with Vienice Carr
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Q&A with Vienice Carr

After being with Lorien for four year, Vienice Carr details her love for Lorien and what it's done for her career.

What has your journey at Lorien been like so far?

Life changing. Things are very different to when I first started in 2018. I’m very grateful that Lorien have been very supportive throughout COVID, lockdowns and going on maternity and coming back. They’ve been amazing in terms of support and have let me continue working from home even after restrictions lifted, which has really helped me. I love the work environment and the culture. I believe that it’s important that your employer understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance – and Lorien certainly does.

What is a career highlight for you or your team?

I work in our middle office Contracts Generation Team, and I was involved in our recent system changeover. It’s been quite challenging, especially with many new team members, but it’s been a highlight for me because of how we’ve responded to the change. Everyone has been very collaborative, patient, and willing to improve. We’ve really pulled together as a team, and our hard work has been recognised by the wider business, which is always nice.

What is the Lorien workplace culture like?

Everyone is very family-oriented and supportive, not just in lifestyle but also in outlook. When you go into the office everyone is warm and friendly, and there’s a lot of respect for work-life balance. The culture is relaxed, and I love hanging out with everyone in the office areas. I was used to quite a different environment, so it’s really refreshing to work at a company where everyone gets on and your employer looks after you.

What are your top tips for anyone going for an interview?

Know the goals and values of Lorien and be yourself. It’s important to show your true self so your employer understands you who are and what you want to achieve. Interviews are as much about you finding out more about the company as they are about the company finding out about you, and it’s good to be up front about what you want and expect from an employer. With Lorien, when you’re clear about what you need, they will always go the extra mile to make sure you get it.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Very challenging and fun – working at home and in the office. It’s nice to go to the office and see people, chat, and catch up. But I also love working at home as it creates a balance and helps with your mental health. Has changed a lot over the years, company functions based on people’s needs, good balance. More time to spend with family and look after yourself.

What is it that drew you to Lorien?

When I started back in 2018 it was just a temporary contract. It was great opportunity to try something different, and I am pleased I took the plunge - I love it. Lorien is full of passionate people, and there’s lots of help and support, whatever your needs. Flash forward four years, and now I help manage a team of seven, with more joining us throughout the year. There’s no doubt that I made the right choice in 2018.

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