How can procurement build better partnerships with suppliers?

Beyond SLAs - Driving Innovation and Continuous Improvement from Recruitment Partners

How can procurement work with recruitment partners to drive innovation and continuous improvement? Check out my latest 'in conversation' video, where I speak with Baljit Sidhu, Global Procurement Category Lead at Johnson Matthey, Mark Papworth, Procurement Business Partner at Close Brothers, and Andrew Mumby, Category Director at NHS London Procurement Partnership to go beyond SLAs - and to the heart of how to build a strong, sustainable, and evolving partnership with your suppliers.


In the video, I ask:

  • Can you effectively manage a recruitment partner without suppliers?
  • Who should be involved with creating SLAs, and how often should they be reviewed?
  • How have you used SLAs to drive best value, continuous improvement and innovation?
  • How are RPO/MSP SLAs evolving?
  • Which SLAs have led to increased collaboration across the business, HR/TA, or your suppliers?

Watch the video below to see the answers! Have a different opinion? Let me know what you think is the best way to drive continuous improvement between procurement and recruitment partners at





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