Q&A with Lazaro Calderin, Technical Recruiter

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Q&A with Lazaro Calderin, Technical Recruiter
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Q&A with Lazaro Calderin, Technical Recruiter

With plans to double our workforce over the next two years, we spoke to Lazaro Calderin, Technical Recruiter, on life at Lorien. Interested in a job in recruitment? Read on!

With plans to double our US workforce over the next two years, we’re talking to some of our current employees to find out what working at Lorien is like behind the scenes, and why you should join our journey. Reach out for more information on our current vacancies!

How did your recruitment journey start? 

I was referred by a friend from college, Alex Salow, who thought I might be a good fit for the role. I started at Lorien shortly after my college graduation. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Lorien?

I enjoy being able to work with what feels like a family. There’s a lot of support and encouragement and we’re continuously pushed to strive for success. Beyond that, I’m allowed to be myself and to pursue my own goals. There’s a real emphasis on both individual and team success which makes Lorien a really motivating place to work. 

What have been your proudest achievements at Lorien so far?

I was a million-dollar biller for two consecutive years, and I achieved this in my first four years at Lorien. It was a real achievement for me, and something I worked really hard for. One of my favourite things about recruitment, and in particular working at Lorien, is that if you put in the work and really draw on the support and the expertise the business gives you, you can see real, tangible results. 

What does a ‘day in the life’ look like for you?

My day begins with a morning meeting to discuss yesterday’s work progress and today’s focus. Afterwards, I focus on the outstanding roles I’m working on, whether that’s finding candidates, talking to job seekers, or preparing candidates for the next steps of the application process. I will also spend a lot of my time talking to people in the market and advising and advocating for career changes. A really important part of my role as Recruiter is to match candidates and clients. You need to pay attention to what both parties want to make sure matches are successful and for the long-term. You’re responsible for people’s careers at the end of the day – so you have to know your market and your client to make good recommendations. 

How would you describe the culture at Lorien

We’re a lively, optimistic bunch, and our culture is all about sharing success and supporting each other to grow in our careers. I’m lucky that when I come to work, I get to hang out with my friends and have a laugh while working hard and building up my career. We’re all there to pitch in and give a helping hand to whoever needs it, and I think that’s a really positive culture to work in.  

What are your top tips for career success in recruitment? 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We all start somewhere, and the people around you will have been there, learnt from the mistakes and built up loads of experience. You don’t have to figure everything out by yourself – take advantage of their tips and expertise, and then add to it. 


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