How Our Recruiters Leverage Transferrable Skills for Candidate Career Growth

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How Our Recruiters Leverage Transferrable Skills for Candidate Career Growth
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How Our Recruiters Leverage Transferrable Skills for Candidate Career Growth

While there are many considerations when it comes to making a career change, there are fundamentals in knowing what skills will be transferable to a potential new role, and how to showcase these on a resume.

While there are many considerations when it comes to making a career change, there are fundamentals in knowing what skills will be transferable to a potential new role, and how to showcase these on a resume. Lorien, a part of the Impellam Group, is one of the top transformation and technology specialist staffing firms in the world. We serve thousands of companies through a global network of offices and on-site client locations. 

One of our prominent job board partners, Indeed, recently noted that the top transferable skills for critical talent include creativity, critical thinking, communication, leadership, research, teamwork, and technical skills. All of which are skills that Lorien recruiter and Graphic Designer hobbyist, Jared Resseguie, leverages every day and what allows him to approach everything with a more creative outlook.


"I want potential hiring managers to feel inspired by the things a candidate can achieve, even if they won’t be a typical part of their 9-5 work life. There are so many joys and passions out there to be discovered by amazing people, like the ones currently reading this article."

Learn more about Jared Resseguie in our below Q&A:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and how you came to join our Lorien Denver team.

I was born and raised in Arvada, Colorado, and at the age of four, I found my first love in the sport of hockey. The elation I found in hockey carried me for the next 15 years of my life when I received an offer to play Division 1 hockey for my dream school, the University of Denver. My favorite part of the sport was blocking shots, hitting players, and getting hit myself…which unfortunately was my downfall, as concussions plagued my career and ultimately were the reason I had to stop playing two years into college. 

Upon the closing of that chapter, I found I had an abundance of time to finally focus on the relationships in my life and create new ones. During this time Bobby Gilliam opened my eyes to the world of recruiting. He was my guide in showing me that creating meaningful relationships with candidates is one of the best parts of the business...not to mention the amazing coworkers I get to collaborate with every day. There’s a real sense of teamwork in providing candidates with the best experience possible, which I love. Since then, I’ve found a career straight out of college that I can enjoy with some amazing people around me.

2. What sparked the idea for the mural in your office? What type of medium did you work in?

When we selected the new office location in Denver, my manager immediately let me know that there was a giant chalk wall. I heard those words and was quite literally foaming from my mouth thinking of all the creative possibilities. The idea that was hatched came from a Sunday morning in City Park, the perfect place to see my hometown skyline. I knew this had to be the focal point, while also giving some extra Denver pizzazz in the drawing. The mountains encompass the background while the left side is focused on the famous “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” sign, of course, with a unique Lorien spin. This must have been my first-time using chalk in well over 10 years, but I felt like a kid again…and that’s quite a rad feeling.


3. When did your passion for design begin, and how do you interweave that into your current position as a Lorien recruiter?

Once I found out I could no longer play competitive sports, I was suddenly trying to live with this giant metaphorical hole regarding who I was. So, I threw myself at everything to find a new passion. Books, movies, and the art in everything stole my heart, as I am a sucker for stories. I always had a pen and journal with me while still attending school, and since, so I just drew everything that inspired me. Art has shown me that there’s a necessity to try and see things from a different point of view and find new stories. This is especially important in the world of recruiting, as you must attempt to view roles from new perspective and get an understanding of the candidate’s story. It’s about finding someone’s why and then problem-solving from there. I now try to use that lesson in every moment of my life, including recruiting, where creativity is needed every single day.

4. What do you hope this mural means to fellow employees and guests when they come into the office? 

When employees and guests see this mural, I hope they feel a connection to Lorien and my beautiful hometown of Denver. I want them to feel inspired by the things they can achieve, even if it’s not necessarily a typical part of your work life. There are so many joys and passions out there to be discovered by amazing people like you, the one currently reading this. Take the time to reflect on and discover things that bring you happiness and try to incorporate those joys in all aspects of your life. I was blessed to be able to express one of my joys with this mural, and I hope it inspires you to continue to dream big, whether it’s in recruiting, business, family, art...or whatever it may be!

There's no doubt that there is a rise in attraction for those with transferable skills. Here at Lorien, we make it a point to highlight and utilize our team's skills and passions in any area that we can. If you or someone you know is looking for a career, head to or connect with Lorien via LinkedIn


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Meet Jared Resseguie24, a Technical Recruiter for Lorien, located in our Denver, Colorado office specializing in IT staffing. Supporting Fortune 500 clients and hundreds of other organizations nationwide, Jared considers himself the "Corporate Matchmaker," connecting world-class talent with exceptional companies and opportunities. If you or someone you know is looking for a job opportunity, reach out to Jared or head to Lorien Jobs to find the most current opportunities available. 

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