Lorien North America's Technology & Digital Salary Survey

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Lorien North America's Technology & Digital Salary Survey

Lorien North America's Technology & Digital Salary Survey

Lorien's 2023 North America Salary Survey offers unique salary insights and hiring data, allowing you to utilise this as a tool to inform your hiring decisions.

Elevate your tech hiring game with Lorien’s proprietary 2023 Salary Survey. Are you searching for competitive salary benchmarks to attract top-tier talent? Do you need a powerful resource to help you better navigate the dynamic landscape of national hiring trends? Our survey is your ultimate resource.   

At Lorien, we are committed to equipping you with the data-driven insights you need to make strategic decisions to hire and keep the talent that enables your business to thrive. Inside, you’ll find comprehensive data on a multitude of high-demand tech roles that will equip and empower you with competitive data to have the edge.  

Download the report and unlock exclusive insights into:

  • Earning trends in North America
  • Average salary by skill set
  • Range of salary and hourly rates by location

Our report delves into average salaries and daily rates for a range of different skillsets within technology, from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, data analytics, software engineering and many more. If hiring and retention is a key goal for 2023 and 2024, the Lorien Technology and Digital Salary Survey is an invaluable resource.

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