What Tech Candidates Want in 2024

The pursuit of top-tier tech talent remains challenging in an uncertain economy.  In Lorien’s latest report, “What Tech Candidates Want,” we survey and analyze the motivators and preferences of North American workers around a host of topics, including the drivers of mobility, what makes an employer attractive, remote work arrangements, and other considerations.

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What Tech Candidates Want in 2024


Over the past decade, technology has shifted from a supportive function to a core pillar in business operations. Consequently, securing top tech talent has become imperative for organizations seeking to gain a competitive edge in the market. 

Drawing on data from Lorien's North American tech and digital candidate database, our report illuminates critical insights into hiring patterns and candidate expectations.

Headline results include:

      Future job prospects: 85% of candidates anticipate seeking new opportunities within the next 12 months, and 74% will actively explore new positions within the next six months.

      Remote work preferences: Only 7% of candidates express a preference for full-time office work.

      Streamlined recruitment process: A staggering 95% of candidates want the end-to-end recruitment process to be completed within four weeks.

Lorien's ‘What Tech Candidates Want’ report provides actionable insights to help organizations attract and retain top tech talent in 2024 and beyond. Download the full report to find out more!


What Tech Candidates Want’ is now a global campaign! Uncover comprehensive insights into tech hiring trends in the UK by downloading our Lorien UK report here.