Program and project management, along with business analysis, form the backbone of strategic business operations. These roles are pivotal in ensuring projects align with business objectives, changes are implemented smoothly, and organizations stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. We specialize in providing the expert talent you need in these critical areas to optimize performance and drive growth. 


Why Choose Lorien for Your Talent Needs? 

  • Specialized Expertise: Our candidates have proven track records in effectively leading and supporting projects, managing transformative changes, and extracting actionable insights from complex business data. 
  • Expert Matching: We carefully match professionals to your specific needs, ensuring they fit the role's technical requirements and your organization's culture. 
  • White Glove Service: We provide personalized service and support at every step of the recruitment process. 

Drive Organizational Success with Strategic Expertise 

Having the right experts for your strategic management and analysis of operational initiatives is a business-critical necessity. Our professionals help your organization tackle complex challenges, manage significant changes, and make data-driven decisions that lead to sustainable growth. 


Key Program and Project Management, Change Management & Business Analysis Roles We Staff: 

  • Program Managers 
  • Project Managers 
  • Change Managers 
  • Business Analysts 
  • Strategic Project Managers 
  • Operational Change Consultants 
  • Process Improvement Specialists 
  • Organizational Development Consultants 


Ready to Enhance Your Team with Specialized Talent? 

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