From marketing and sales to operations, R&D to risk analytics, and financial forecasting to process optimization, it’s no secret that our world runs off data. But who looks after it? At Lorien, we connect data-driven clients with the analytical minds shaping the new world order.

Data Analytics Trends

COVID-19 has disrupted data trends, splintering existing data practices. As a result, there is now a graduation from big data to small, with a new focus on pooling insights from multiple different data, analytics, and AI sources to create more meaningful insights with less. This varied data analytics approach will accelerate data adoption and optimization over entire businesses. XOps will use DevOps practices to scale the use of data and AI and support agile and governed decisions that span the entire business estate. Overall, data will become more involved in how businesses run from top to bottom and will influence not just individual decision-making but wider group and even entire business strategies. The threading of data analytics and data science throughout organizations will naturally lead to rising demand for data and analytics skills. While citizen data scientists will remain a popular, cost-effective alternative to the real thing, this level of business transformation will see an increase in the need for authentic, expert data skills. That’s where Lorien comes in.

Data Analytics Recruitment

Data science and analytics recruitment requires a deep sector understanding. Speaking the language of the market is a core part of building relationships, interpreting requirements, and identifying opportunities that will excite the right candidates. As a result, our approach is always expert-led.  Underpinned by a team of regionally and vertically aligned data experts, and supported by the wider tech disciplines of Lorien, they offer a uniquely sharp focus on the market. Lorien’s recruitment solutions are built to scale. 

Data Science and Analytics Staffing Expertise at Lorien

Our data jobs cover the latest and most in-demand opportunities across the nation–whether you’re looking to launch your big data career, dig into the details with data analytics jobs, make an impact with Business Intelligence (BI), or deliver insight as a Data Scientist.

Our extensive client base offers opportunities for every data-focused skill set, from niche start-ups to high-volume data centers, from those using data and AI at the cutting edge to those that rely on data for a competitive edge, and everything in between.

We focus on SQL servers (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, etc.), Oracle (OBIEE, APEX, etc.), and Open-Source databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, NoSQL, MongoDB).

Data Science and Analytics We Recruit For:

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Head of Data
  • Data Scientist
  • BI / Data Analyst
  • Data Manager
  • Technical Lead