The cybersecurity market is constantly changing; every day, bad actors find new ways to cause disruption. From personal to professional, public to private, every day we encounter risks to our online safety. That’s why Lorien chose to specialize in cybersecurity recruitment. We understand both the need and the demand for high-quality talent in this space, and we have highly skilled consultants to find it.

Cybersecurity Market Overview

Cybersecurity skills are amongst the most sought-after of all technology professions, with professionals amongst the highest paid in the industry. The cyber security unemployment rate is currently set at zero percent–where it’s been for the last 10 years. And it’s only going to get more competitive. As more businesses embrace cloud technology for scalability, IoT for connectivity, edge computing, and 5G for low latency, the need for safe, secure, and reliable technology has never been clearer. The COVID-19 pandemic has also shaken up the industry, seeing a record-high in cybercrime attacks over the period. As more organizations embark on digital journeys and the workforce becomes more distributed, keeping both personal and professional environments safe from cyberattacks will become a number one business priority.

Cybersecurity Recruitment Solutions

Lorien offers cybersecurity solutions for organizations that are looking to outpace the competition. Our approach includes a team of specialist resources aligned by region and cyber security vertical to provide an intensive view of the market–from real-time talent movements to insight into current regulations and market activity. You may see us at industry events like Defcon, Blackhat, or Infosec, or even giving talks to the community. We can help you hire, build your brand awareness, and develop talent pipelines for the long term. Crucially, we offer agile cybersecurity solutions that can be easily flexed up or down depending on your requirements and can be overlayed onto a Lorien solution or plugged into your existing recruitment structure. We work tirelessly to provide the best opportunities in the market and the most innovative talent solutions for our clients.

Cybersecurity Talent Expertise

We work with clients from all backgrounds and industries–from disruptive start-ups adopting cybersecurity measures for the first time to large corporate banks, businesses, and public sector bodies looking to advance their existing cybersecurity processes. We cover permanent and contract cybersecurity jobs in:

  • CISO, Head of Information Security & Information Security Officer
  • Identity & Access Management
  • OT Security professionals Engineer, Architects, Managers & PM
  • Security Incident, Incident Response & Security Analysis (SOC)
  • Security Architecture & Cybersecurity Engineering
  • Infrastructure & Network Security
  • Penetration Testing & Application Security
  • Risk, Business Continuity & Compliance
  • Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • Cybersecurity Consulting

Looking for a job in cybersecurity? Whether you’re just starting out at entry or graduate level or you’re ready for a fresh challenge, we have the cybersecurity job for you. Discover cybersecurity roles available on our career search page.