As the Cloud and DevOps sectors continue to evolve rapidly, we offer specialized recruitment solutions tailored to these dynamic fields. Our expertise is rooted in a deep understanding of the rapid growth and the increasing complexity of Cloud and DevOps environments. Our specialists are fluent in the nuances of the tech ecosystem and have a deep grasp of these complex areas, ensuring perfect alignment with your talent strategy.

Market Trends in Cloud & DevOps 

Recent years have seen an ongoing acceleration in digital transformation, with a steady shift towards cloud migration and DevOps adoption as organizations adapt to a more digital, remote workforce. Looking ahead, we can expect further adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud solutions to enhance scalability and security. Concurrently, developments in microservices, containerization, and cutting-edge ‘Ops’ practices like DataOps, MLOps, and DevSecOps are shaping the sector to meet the rapid lifecycles and evolving needs of our digital worldEmerging practice of chaos engineering underscores an intensified focus on robust testing to manage constant change, keeping this field both high-demand and fast-paced. 

How We Support Your Cloud & DevOps Needs 

Whether you're looking to make a single hire or build an entire team, our services are crafted to meet your unique needs. By partnering with Lorien, you gain access to exclusive insights—from competitor analysis and market benchmarking to sector events and HR trends—putting you in a prime position to attract the best Cloud and DevOps talent. 

Cloud & DevOps Staffing Expertise at Lorien 

We cover a broad spectrum of cloud-based and infrastructure-focused roles, including operations, infrastructure management, cloud security, and project management. Our expertise spans across Cloud, DevOps, Automation, SCRUM, various Linux distributions (CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu), UNIX versions (Solaris, AIX), as well as Virtualization (VMWare), Exchange Server, Active Directory, Windows Server, Cisco technologies, and System Center components (SCCM, SCOM), along with Data Centre Hosting, Storage, and Backup solutions. 

Key Cloud & DevOps Roles We Staff: 

  • DevOps Engineer 
  • Cloud Engineer 
  • Platform Engineer 
  • Site Reliability Engineer 
  • Cloud Architect / Platform Architect / Enterprise Solutions Architect 
  • Head of Cloud / Head of DevOps / Head of Infrastructure 
  • Cloud Consultant 
  • IT Infrastructure Analyst 
  • Infrastructure Engineer 
  • 2nd/3rd Line Support Engineer 
  • Automation Engineer 
  • Systems Administrator 

Explore Opportunities in Cloud Computing & DevOps 

Our job listings are as diverse as the environments our clients operate in, reflecting the vast array of needs and specializations in today’s tech landscape. Whether you're seeking a role in infrastructure, security, or management, we have opportunities to propel your career in Cloud and DevOps. 


Connect with us to explore how our tailored Cloud and DevOps recruitment solutions can help your business stay ahead in this fast-evolving field.