Pioneering Military AI Career Pathways in the Age of Intelligence

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Pioneering Military AI Career Pathways in the Age of Intelligence

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Pioneering Military AI Career Pathways in the Age of Intelligence

In our ever-evolving world, innovation is more than just a buzzword—it's a force that reshapes industries, transforms businesses, and fuels the way forward. Recently, we embarked on an exciting journey into AI careers and military veteran hiring in our Lorien Live webinar, “Championing AI Careers: Pioneering Military Pathways in the Age of Intelligence.”


Today, we're thrilled to share the highlights of this enlightening discussion.

Our trailblazing panelists represented a diverse range of expertise and perspectives:

Danny Cohen, Head of STEM, North America, Impellam Group
Danny Cohen is a 20+ year STEM staffing executive, serving as Head of STEM, North America at Impellam Group. He champions equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) and founded the STEM Council for Good to create ethical pathways in STEM careers.

David Kestenberg, CIO, REE Medical
David Kestenberg is a distinguished, data-driven technology executive with over 15 years in the tech industry. He currently serves as Chief Information Officer for REE Medical, a leader in disability services dedicated to ensuring that veterans receive accurate and thorough Disability Benefit Questionnaires.

David Scott Nava, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce
David Scott Nava transitioned from a 20-year US Navy career to a Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce. With 19 Salesforce certifications, he currently serves on Salesforce’s Department of Defense team. David also mentors military members, veterans, and spouses looking to enter the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Kate Stoker, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Merivis
Kate Stoker is the Executive Direction and Co-Founder of Merivis, a non-profit empowering veterans and their spouses in tech and cloud computing pathways by “transforming military years into tech careers.” Kate is a seasoned executive with experience across the start-up, corporate, and non-profit sectors with a deep passion for leadership, professional development and philanthropy.

Chris McGraw, Director, Permanent Placement IT, Lorien
Chris McGraw is Lorien's Director of Permanent Placement IT, with 15 years of staffing and recruiting experience after serving as a US Army infantry squad leader. Chris' passion for mentoring transitioning veterans extends to causes like the Fisher House and The American Legion.

Highlights from our Discussion:

  • Embracing Diversity for AI Success: We highlighted the incredible strength of military and military spouse talent in driving innovation and promoting diversity within the AI field.
  • Navigating Opportunities and Challenges: We took a deep dive into the current landscape of the AI industry, uncovering exciting opportunities that thrive on diverse perspectives.
  • Powering Progress with Synergy: Our discussion illuminated why military veterans and spouses excel in AI roles. Their adaptable skills, collaborative nature, and solution-oriented approach make them a unique asset in this field.
  • Crafting Inclusive Strategies: We shared valuable insights and best practices for attracting, integrating, and nurturing military and military spouse talent within your organization, creating an inclusive and thriving environment.
  • Forging Collaborative Pathways: Together, we explored the collaborative efforts that bridge the gap between businesses, educational institutions, and military programs. These efforts amplify success for all stakeholders and contribute to a vibrant AI ecosystem.

Watch the Replay and Join the Conversation:

Did you miss our live webinar discussion on reshaping military career pathways in the AI and tech industry? Access our post-event insights designed to benefit both candidates and businesses alike. Catch the replay and join the conversation by clicking here to access the webinar on demand.

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