Discover What US Tech Candidates Want in 2024

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Discover What US Tech Candidates Want in 2024
Caitlin Bascue

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Discover What US Tech Candidates Want in 2024

Discover the latest recruitment report What Tech Candidates Want in 2024. It explores trends and expectations of professionals during their job search

‘What Tech Recruitment Candidates Want’ Lorien report – 2024

Find out the real truth in recruitment and job hunting from candidates across the US in the 'What Tech Candidates Want' report, to be released April 15, 2024. This comprehensive report explores the current trends and expectations of professionals in technology, digital, and change sectors, especially during their job search.  

Key headline results from the report include:

  • 85% of candidates expect to look for a new role in the next 12 months 

  • 74% of candidates expect to look for a new position within the next six months 

  • 7% of candidates would prefer to work in the office full-time 

  • 95% of candidates want the end-to-end recruitment process to be completed within four weeks 

In May 2024, following the report's release, we will host an informative global webinar. This insightful event will explore the report's findings and feature our global subject matter experts and industry leaders. These experts will provide deeper analyses and offer strategies to attract and retain top tech talent. 

Make sure to download your complimentary copies of the US and UK reports on April 15, 2024. These global reports will be an essential resource for anyone looking to understand the shifting dynamics of the tech talent landscape.  

Stay up to date with more details about our upcoming May webinar and other insights by following us on LinkedIn or visiting our insights page. 

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What Tech Candidates Want 2024

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