Gained in Translation: Why we became Lorien

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Gained in Translation: Why we became Lorien
Ryan McMahon

Gained in Translation: Why we became Lorien

Lorien's President discusses the decision to bring together three businesses and create one technology, transformation and telecom recruitment specialist.

Recently, and our sister tech recruitment companies in the UK took the decision to bring together our businesses and create one technology and transformation recruitment specialist: Lorien. This not only gets me much more frequent tickets to London and a chance to learn the oddities of the British language, but also represents a fantastic opportunity for both our businesses to capitalize on each other’s strengths. I wanted to explain a little bit about what we gained in translating our brand to new markets – and what our clients gain too.

For those that don’t know, is something of a legacy. We were built off the back of the telecom industry thirty-odd years ago. To illustrate our age, the period in was put there long before .com and the internet emerged (causing a minor headache in URLs, but that’s another story). We were there at the beginning, when tech and telecommunications was just starting to boom, and we’ve stayed agile to the market, but it’s unsurprising, in some ways, that things have still moved on. 

We’ve kept pace with the US market, partnering with some fantastic tech brands – including start-ups, SMEs and large, household names. But the world is getting smaller and competition for tech talent is getting harder, especially because today every business is a tech business. We’re also becoming more globalized, with more companies putting roots down overseas. Being competitive today means having a global strategy and having the talent to make it happen. And to do that, you need a partner that’s also global. 

By combining Lorien and, we’ll cover both sides of the Atlantic. Lorien is a UK-based technology recruitment solutions specialist headquartered in London, but with bases in the UK, Ireland and Germany. For me, that means far more morning meetings (a great thing for an early riser like me), but also far more exciting opportunities for our clients.  

For example, as well as growing our international footprint, we’ll be able to give our clients the scale and expertise to grow in new markets. As tech grows in demand, it’s going to be essential for brands of all sizes and locations to grow their slice of the pie, especially as competition heats up. It’s also important to recognize that changes are taking place in the recruitment market and the rise of remote working may make decentralized, global workforces a normality. Getting geographic footholds in early will be pivotal, as will having a provider that can cover multiple countries and regions.

We’ll be able to keep our clients ahead of the curve in other ways, too. We’ll share resources, ideas and best practice (thanks already to a marketing team for punctuating my first pulse and refreshing our look and feel). And we’ll bring new levels and depths of expertise both by discipline and geography, with our ‘swim lane’ model (where our people are aligned to specific tech disciplines, like data and analytics, to cultivate genuine, on-the-ground, expertise) also a feature of Lorien UK. 

By pooling this knowledge, we’ll also be able to tap into new markets and support our clients – both present and future – in new sectors. For example, Lorien is firmly established in financial services, banking and FinTech. Leaning on them, we can draw insight on the market and offer a compelling, expert-led service for clients in this space. 

What we gain in translation is a single, expert-led and tech-first solution. The synergies between former and Lorien are amazing, not just in terms of our tech heritage (Lorien has an extra decade on us) but also the way we do business – putting the customer first, cultivating tech specialists in-house and always thinking ahead. This means that our clients will have a very simple but effective route for all their tech and telecommunications needs, no matter how big or small, competitive or niche, nearby or on the other side of the world. 

I think that’s a really exciting premise, and one I can’t wait to share with you. As Lorien, we’re perfectly aligned to the future of the tech and telecommunications industry. Let us take you there too.

And that’s what we – and you – have gained in translation. If you have a requirement, I’d love to show you how Lorien – with the heritage of – can help. Please reach out to me with any questions about Lorien and what working with us could mean for you. 


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