Driving Business Success Through Exceptional Leadership 

Executive search, also known as headhunting, retained search, or search and selection, is dedicated to securing new leaders within the tech sector who can propel your business forward. By meticulously aligning candidates with your organizational culture and objectives, we ensure that leadership matches will drive innovation and success from the top. 

Why Choose Lorien for Executive Search? 

Lorien specializes in filling senior leadership and C-Suite gaps within tech-enabled businesses. Our executive search is a highly specialized service that leverages expert consultants skilled in identifying, attracting, and engaging top-tier candidates. With a proven track record, Lorien has successfully matched hundreds of world-class executives with leading tech organizations by pinpointing the key traits and skills necessary for high-level success. 

Tech Leadership Roles We Specialize In 

We understand the transformative impact that visionary tech leaders can have on your organization. Our executive search is finely tuned to source and secure the industry’s best for a range of pivotal roles, including, but not limited to: 

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) 

  • Chief Digital Officer (CDO) 

  • Chief Security Officer (CSO) 

  • Vice President of Engineering 

  • Vice President of Product 

  • Senior Director of IT 

  • Senior Director of Digital Transformation 

  • Head of Software Development 

  • Head of AI and Machine Learning 

  • Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) 

Each role is critical to steering technological advancements and strategic growth, ensuring your company not only keeps pace but sets the benchmark in the tech industry. 

Commitment to Quality & Strategic Alignment 

Understanding that acquiring the best leadership is essential for driving your business forward and fostering innovation, Lorien commits to a meticulous search and selection process. This process ensures not only a skill match but also a deep cultural fit, preparing your organization for its next phase of growth and development. 


Contact our team to learn how our executive search services can help you find the tech leaders who will shape the future of your business.