Offering a scalable recruitment process to a multi-national professional service network.

Client: a multinational professional services organisation providing audit, tax and advisory services.

Working with a multinational professional services network who provide audit, tax and advisory services, the Lorien team helped to reduce their time to hire by 91% and time to source by 78%.

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Devops was identified as an area that needed to hire at pace for a specific FS project requiring engineers across the UK.


The client's existing recruitment process consisted of 3+ F2F stages including a 6-8 hour test executing on approximately 2 hires per month.


CVs were taking an average of 63 days to source and the roles were taking an average of 82.8 days to fill.


Identified with their recruitment partner that to execute in sufficient numbers BAU would not work and a faster, more scalable process needed to introduced to enable “always on” market presence and recruitment activity.

Proposing BAU interviewing in Devops replaced with a weekly “one stop” assessment process designed to see 10-15 candidates.

Talent Champions identified to interview and assess candidates collaboratively across multiple devops teams.

A dedicated sourcing project team was assigned to filling ACs each week using a range of tools and 1:1 approaches researched following market mapping deep-dive on Linkedin to discover the best methods for the client.

Full rebrief with Talent champions on requirements, location and skills.

Advertising collateral was redeveloped to focus on a “bucket requirement” core skillset approach. Copy was rewritten using inclusive language to appeal to and attract a broad range of devops candidates.

Demographics of relevant profiles were identified in core locations of London, Manchester and Leeds.

In-person events leveraged to increase footprint in regional markets alongside social media campaign to increase brand awareness in chosen areas.

BAU interviewing in Devops replaced with a weekly “one stop” assessment process.


Candidates pre-qualified by sourcing team then passed to “Talent Champion” within Devops for a 20-30 min prescreen.


If passing prescreen candidate then to be booked into an available AC slot within 72 hours.


Candidates then completed 1 hour technical challenge “homework” to use at interview for consistent technical discussion.


AC split into communications with 2 Talent Champions doing Technical (1 hour) before pivoting to another 2 for Competencies/Values (1 hour)


Washup held at 4pm with recruitment team which all interviewed candidates being evaluated in terms of who would be successful or who may be more suited to another role.


If more than one hiring manager is interested, candidate encouraged to have a follow up call to choose the option which they believe is right for them. This recognises that the key is the client hiring the talent not individual teams.


Over a period of 6 months we have been able to reduce time to source from 63 days to 5.8 days and time to offer overall as a whole from 82.8 to 17.5. The new scalable interview process for tech was embedded within the clients way of working. Deeper trusts were developed between the client and the Lorien talent team, proving that delivery could be prompt, smooth and quality while providing strong candidate experience.

We continue to enhance the client's recruitment procedure by exploration of further refinement of process and expansion into other skillsets including a successful pilot into Risk using killer questions in place of screening call has been introduced.

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