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Throughout the year, we run a series of educational and networking events to help you build up your knowledge of what’s happening in the industry. We also run a number of seminars throughout the year, aimed to educate our clients about relevant workplace issues. 

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The Generation Game

Generation Game

There are already 4 generations in the workplace, & soon to be 5. What are the Generations, what are their differences, how do they view work, what do they each value in work?

Seminar Dates: 

  • 6th June - Leeds

What does good look like?

What does good look like

Recruitment is the most important people process we have, yet very few of us are any good at it. Research shows that 5% of your workforce produces 26% of the output (the other 95% produce only 74%) & only 19% of hires are an ‘unequivocal success.’ For all its importance & investment we have made why is it so hard to hire good people?

Seminar Dates:

  • 12th July - Manchester

Candidate Experience 

Candidate experience

Research shows that poor candidate experience will have an impact on both your future ability to hire talent & your future customer base. We look at what it actually means, its business impact, how to measure the cost of providing a poor candidate experience & how to improve it.

Seminar dates: 

  • 14th June - London

Employer Branding 

Employee branding

Talent is the foundation of any businesses success. Your ability to hire & retain great talent is the most important thing you do. Today, Talent has a choice. Unemployment is at a 43 year low of 4.3% so, how do you answer the question; ‘why should I work & continue to work for YOU.’ Your Employer Brand is the answer & how you define it, manage it & respond to it is critical to your success.

Seminar dates: 

  • 17th April - London 
  • 2nd May - Manchester

Appraising Appraisals 

Appraising appraisals

Performance evaluation is almost as old as civilised man, the performance review is part of our need for ratification. Yet for seemingly as long as they’ve existed, they have been stigmatised as a purely corporate exercise. We look at why appraisals have become regarded as a trap rather than a tool, what constitutes an effective performance review system & finally, the way forward.

2020 Vision: The Future of Work

2020 vision

The world of work is changing & will soon be unrecognisable from what it is today. On one hand we are told that robots will take our jobs, & yet on the other we are told that we will not be able to retire until we reach our late 70’s or even 80’s. How can that be compatible?

Attrition & Motivation 

attrition and motivation

We spend a fortune on attracting, selecting & hiring staff but, often, the costs of attrition dwarf the costs of attraction. We'll look at what motivates people & how we can get them to stay.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement

Engagement is a term we all know but few can really define it, so what is it all about, and so what? This seminar removes the ambiguity of ‘employee engagement’ and turn it into your competitive advantage by using real terms, real evidence and realistic solutions.

Our seminars are delivered by Russell Beck, Head of Consulting at Impellam. Russell brings an unrivalled level of passion and insight to everything he does. Highly qualified and with a depth of experience across industries and geographies, he thinks differently, challenges norms and envisages better ways of working. 

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