Hiba Fassi Fihiri

Q&A with Hiba Fassi Fahiri

What has your journey at Lorien been like so far?

I have been with Lorien for a year and the journey has been great so far. This is my first time in recruitment, so I have learned a lot and it’s been interesting. People are helpful and I feel well supported, especially as someone who didn’t know anything about the industry beforehand. There is always someone ready to answer your questions and help you learn.

What was the best quality of the academy?

The practicality of the programme was nice. You’re actually doing the work, and you do make mistakes, but you learn from them. It’s assumed that no one knows anything about recruitment, which was true in my case, so everything is covered thoroughly. The first week was more theoretical – what is recruitment and what you should and shouldn’t be doing – then, after that, you start doing the job with people on hand to walk us through everything. I learned from actually doing the job, and I think it’s helpful that we don’t just sit through lessons and take notes.

What is the Lorien workplace culture like?

It’s brilliant. I had heard some of the stereotypes about recruitment and how it can be a little intense, but that isn’t like anything I’ve experienced at Lorien. It’s a very positive environment, people are so helpful, and they celebrate every win, every deal, as part of a team.

What are your top tips for anyone looking to apply for the academy?

I’d say you should go in open-minded and ready to learn. If it’s your first time in recruitment, you need to be ready to not be amazing straight away. There’s nothing wrong with that, and you will have someone who will work you through it and assist you with learning at your own pace, so you will pick it up quickly. You need to be ready to do the work, and everything else will follow naturally.

What did a typical day at the academy look like for you?

The day-to-day is very similar to what I do now, as I work on roles and speak to account managers. Even now, there is still someone on hand to help if I have any questions. The first few weeks of the academy had us meeting different directors and learning the different aspects of recruitment before getting into the more practical parts of the role. The more you advance through the academy, the more you learn about the different stages such as interviewing and prepping candidates for interviews. The theory goes hand-in-hand with the practical parts.

What is it that drew you to Lorien?

I didn’t know too much about Lorien before joining, but the biggest thing that drew me in was my interest in technology recruitment. I was passionate about getting a role within IT recruitment and I had a few different interviews with other agencies, but they weren’t in technology. I knew the tech industry was booming and jobs were constantly growing. IT has never suffered from a lack of opportunities, and that’s why I became interested in Lorien. During the interview process I learned more about Lorien’s size and its role in Impellam Group and I thought it was a good fit for me – which turned out to be right!

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