Lorien’s must-read blog shortlist for 2019

Our must-read article shortlist for 2019

As we all wind down for Christmas and the New Year, you may be looking for some light reading to see through the festive period. So, we’ve wrapped up our best articles of the year as an early Christmas present. So, if you’ve missed out, or just want to take the downtime as an opportunity to fill in some knowledge gaps and take some food for thought into next year, this is for you.

And if you want to keep up-to-date on tech and recruitment market insight in the new year, you can follow us on LinkedIn. Our experts are always on hand to discuss the industry and advise on any current or future recruitment projects you have – you can reach us at solutions@lorien.co.uk. In the meantime, here’s the round-up.

1. Smart Cities, Smart Societies, and Surveillance

We explore how tech is transforming the cities we live, work, and play in. Harnessing big data and IoT, smart cities will breed efficiency and innovation. But there’s also a dark undercurrent to a city run on tech. Read more here.

2. Why is Technology Talent “Not” Joining Your Organisation?

How are you reaching ‘unseen candidates’? We identify some of the reasons why passive candidates make the move, and why they may not. In a skills-short market, standing out as an ‘employer of choice’ is vital for business longevity. In this blog, we look at how. Read more here.

3. What An Aging Workforce Population Means For Business

By the mid-2030s, over 50s could make up over half of the UK population. While some are concerned by the social and economic strain of an ageing population, we explore the potential of an older workforce, as well as how businesses can make this step change easier. The future workforce is likely to be made up of more than just Gen Z and millennials, and knowing how to maximise each generation is essential. Read more here.

If you’re interested in generational shifts, you can also check out our article on Gen Z in our recent whitepaper, ‘A Brighter Future’.

4. How to Boost Uptake of Apprenticeships

Why aren’t we seeing more uptake of apprenticeships? In this blog, we look at what the Apprenticeship Levy is, when it’s used, how you can use it, and why you should be making the most out of yours. Read more here.

5. Cultural Fit: Are You Hiring the Right People For You?

Hiring is one the most expensive and time-consuming processes a business goes through. Can you afford to get it wrong? In this blog, we look at some of the best ways to ensure that the candidates you choose, choose you too. Because cultural and value fit means greater purpose and lower attrition. Read more here.

6. Key Takeaways From an Evening Looking at the Future of Tech with Applied Futurist, Tom Cheesewright

From the skills we should be cultivating in the next generation to how businesses respond to change, Tom Cheesewright transports us into the future of tech as part of this round-up of his recent Lorien-led event. Why does change feel like it’s happening more quickly, and more significantly? Tom has the answer. Read more here.

7. Q&A with Ariane Gadd, Lead DevOps Engineer at KPMG

Find out what it’s like to work in DevOps at one of the UK’s leading professional services company. KPMG is using DevOps to bring innovation to their clients, in ways that may be new to even the most experienced DevOps practitioner. Lorien finds out how. Read more here.

8. How to Use Your Recruitment Provider to Make Better Hiring Decisions

Are you maximising your recruitment partner’s potential? From market insight to competitor research or advice with workforce planning, your recruiter can give you more than just great hires. We show you how to make the most out of your relationship in order to build a better business. Read more here.

9. How to Know When It Is Time to Outsource Your Recruitment

It’s not always clear cut what recruitment model works best for your business – or when it’s not working. In this blog, we look at some of clear signs you may be missing that tell you it’s time to turn to an expert. Read more here.

10. From Junior Resourcer to CEO: Claire Marsh’s Journey

Learn how Claire Marsh, CEO of Lorien, Onezeero, and S.Com (Impellam Group's UK and US-based tech recruitment brands), worked her way up from a resourcer at Lorien 21 years ago. Here, she shares her experience and offers her advice for others developing their careers. Read more here.

We hope these blogs have helped you to explore new ideas, identify solutions and give you food for thought over the festive season. We’ll continue to post similar market insight and opinions next year, so please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up-to-date on articles as they come out.

We’ve also published two whitepapers – 'Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment Strategy: How, What and Why?’ and 'A Brighter Future: The Tech and Talent Acquisition Trends Shaping Business Strategy’ – which you may find useful for your business strategy next year. Please contact solutions@lorien.co.uk with any questions.

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