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Lorien unveils inaugural North America tech salary and trends report


- Tech talent “hoarding” led to indiscriminate hiring and subsequent wage inflation and, later, headcount reductions 

 -  Demand for AI-related skills on job boards has increased an astonishing 450%

  - Global shortage for Cybersecurity professionals reaches 3.4 million  



September 12, 2023 – Atlanta, GA:

Global technology, digital and professional talent solutions specialist Lorien, powered by Impellam Group, has unveiled its inaugural 2023 Technology and Digital Salary Survey report, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to delivering value insights to the tech industry. 

Despite a tech hiring slowdown that began last year, workers in many sectors continue to demand sizable salaries in today’s dynamic labor market, the report revealed. Offering unique insights into market rates and candidate movement across the North American tech industry, the report concluded that while wage inflation has peaked for months, many workers are still insistent on highly competitive compensation packages.

The report, which details the salaries of roles across 11 job families, provides insights into trends affecting pay practices in the world’s largest tech talent market. Among key trends are the proliferation of AI tools and platforms, strong demand for specialty cloud skills such as Kubernetes, and a shift in UX/UI skills requirements. Sustained demand for other skills, such as project management and QA testing, is also keeping salaries at high levels.

“Employers need to understand that demand for tech skills remains strong despite the recent hiring slowdown in the sector. With many companies continuing to invest in digitalization and transformation, long-term needs for specialized skills will continue,” said Ryan McMahon, President of Lorien in North America. “Additionally, the promise of AI is leading many companies to seek out talent that can optimize the use of such technologies, which will further drive demand today and in the future.”

The job clusters include AI, data and analytics, cloud and DevOps, CRM and ERP, cybersecurity, infrastructure and data centers, mobile, project/program management, change management and business analysis, quality assurance and testing, software engineering, telecom, and UX/UI.

Other developments cited in the report include that openings for Cybersecurity professionals are expected to grow 35% in the next decade. Rising demand for e-commerce skills is leading to increased hiring of mobile specialists into the third and fourth quarters of 2023. Wages for UX/UI are up 10% in the United States and 20% in Canada from last year.  

Offering detailed salary data, the report is designed to inform and strengthen organizations’ hiring strategies and ensure that tech leaders can make data-driven decisions to attract the best candidates in the market. The report will prove to be a useful tool for benchmarking and broadening the necessary understanding of today’s complex job market.

For more information and to download the report visit the Lorien 2023 Technology and Digital Salary Survey.

About Lorien:

We are Lorien, a technology, transformation, and digital talent company, powered by Impellam Group, a connected group providing global workforce and specialist recruitment solutions. We combine tech expertise with the scope, depth and breadth of large-scale talent organizations. 

Driven by both clients and candidates, covering the US and Europe, we work with all sectors, sizes and tech needs—from start-ups to established tech companies and those who use tech to propel them further. 

Our unique position in the market means we have the insight to create tailored solutions, keeping our clients ahead of the curve and giving them complete agility. From one-off placements to scalable enterprise solutions, executive search to next-generation tech skills, time-sensitive projects to ongoing digital journeys—we flex to fit the requirement.

Press contact: 
Tracy Monsour 
SVP, Marketing, Impellam Group 


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