Impellam STEM portfolio partners with In2scienceUK

Impellam STEM portfolio partners with In2scienceUK to support social mobility

STEM recruitment brands SRG, Lorien and Carbon60 have announced a partnership with social mobility charity In2scienceUK to drive greater diversity in STEM and combat skill shortages.

Impellam Group’s portfolio of STEM recruitment brands SRG (life sciences), Lorien (technology and digital), and Carbon60 (engineering) have partnered with award-winning STEM social mobility charity In2scienceUK.

In2scienceUK supports young people from low-income and disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue a career in STEM-related fields. 75% of their student progress onto STEM-related degrees, with the ultimate aim of following a STEM career. In2scienceUK supported 670 students on their 2021 programme.

Through a programme of research and industry-based work placements, skills day workshops, and career pathways and insight sessions, Impellam and In2scienceUK will provide students with the inspiration, insight, and confidence to follow a career in STEM. In addition to sponsoring students on the programme, SRG, Lorien and Carbon60 will also use their expertise in the industry to deliver a workshop on professional development and essential skills for STEM careers.

Find out more about the work of In2scienceUK and discover how to make a difference to the lives of young people.

According to the Social Mobility Commission, just 9% of life science professionals, 15% of scientists, 6% of doctors, 19% of tech workers, and 21% of engineers come from a working class background. And this cycle is difficult to break – not only are those that come from non-professional households less likely to follow professional careers, but research has shown that disadvantaged pupils are less likely to do well in science at school, with this gap widening with age.

By contrast, a recent study from the Institute for Fiscal Studies found that the university courses with the highest mobility rates included computing, pharmacology, medicine and medical sciences and engineering. This indicates that nurturing STEM skills from a young age and helping more students from diverse backgrounds into STEM-related fields can help bridge inequality. 

Commenting on the partnership, Kelly Morton, STEM Portfolio CEO at Impellam Group, said:

“Social mobility and diversity in STEM are topics very close to my heart - I was lucky to be sponsored by a company to study chemistry at University. We are all aware of the crushing supply-demand imbalance for STEM skills, and one of the best ways to combat this is by investing in the next generation. None of us are born scientists, engineers, or tech entrepreneurs – just imagine how many brilliant minds we could be missing out on by not addressing social mobility. I am proud that Impellam’s STEM brands will be helping to create new experts from so much potential, and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.”

You can learn more about the In2scienceUK and Impellam STEM partnership here.

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