A Brighter future | Tech and Talent Acquisition trends

A Brighter Future: The Tech and Talent Acquisition Trends Shaping Business Strategy

Technology evolving at break-neck speed. Colliding tech workforce demands. Shifting markets and economies. A supply and demand imbalance. Have you ever wondered where it’s all going?

In ‘A Brighter Future: The Tech and Talent Acquisition Trends Shaping Business Strategy’, we explore it all. From the future of tech to the future of work, we look at the destiny of tech businesses and businesses that use tech to their strategic advantage. 

In the report, we cover:

  • The most rapidly advancing technology trends of the year – from Blockchain to DevOps.
  • The workforce trends changing business. We look at the effect of IR35 in the tech contract market, the UK’s position on the global stage and new employer-employee dynamics.
  • Your next move: booming tech hubs, evolving recruitment models for high-growth businesses and strategies to stay ahead amid severe tech talent shortages.
  • The intersection between technology and the workforce. Why every business is a technology business, and why every business needs a technology strategy. 

“Right now, every business, in every sector and every country, needs to look at the bigger picture. Technology is unlocking new possibilities, bridging gaps between global communities and translating needs between businesses and consumers. Its potential is unparalleled. At the same time, landslide changes in worker expectations and desires, inter-generational workforces and severe, global tech talent shortages are forcing companies to fight to attract and retain talent. Gripping the potential that tech presents means grappling with competitors. The reality is that businesses that cannot manage all of these needs and challenges in tandem will not evolve.”

Download Lorien’s ‘A Brighter Future’ whitepaper to get your insight into the future of the working world, and the tech market trends that will shape it. 

Imagining the future of tech together. 



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