The workplace is always on the move. Our consultancy services empower our clients to keep up with these changes by educating, advising and preparing. We use both in-house expertise and external subject matter specialists to give our clients an expert perspective on their challenges via practical, insightful solutions.

What are our Consultancy Services?

Our services are built to serve specific industry challenges:

  • Scarcity of Talent and Candidate Attraction: EVP Creation and Boost, Competitor Analysis, Social Media Boost, Candidate Packs, Candidate Engagement Events
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Persona Mapping & Cultural Assessment, Diversity & Inclusion Audit and Improvement, Interview and Unconscious Bias Training
  • Process Improvement: Recruitment Diagnostic, Discovery Audit, Bespoke Assessment Build
  • Cost Saving & Planning: Workforce Planning, Cost Saving Consultancy, Risk Management Consultancy, Role Benchmarking

Our Consultancy Services can be used individually or alongside other recruitment models to provide you with the insight and expertise to make positive strategic decisions.

We also host regular thought leadership events to help our clients imagine and prepare for the future – take a look at Insight and Events for upcoming events near you. 

Are Consultancy Services the right solution for me?

If you have a specific challenge, requirement or query related to recruitment, our Consultancy Services can probably help. Our portfolio of services is broad and covers every element of the recruitment lifecycle, whether that’s helping companies just starting out to workforce plan, improving processes for existing businesses or enabling companies to step up with strategic initiatives. Speak to us to find out how we can help you.

What are the benefits of Consultancy Services?
  • Expertise. We combine the expertise of our people with the authority of external specialists to give you genuine insight into the market. We work with clients just like you, on challenges just like yours, so we know what good looks like. 
  • Custom-built. Our Consultancy Services can be used individually or bolted-on to other services, so you can customise the package that works for you.
  • Insight. Take an outside perspective to expose patterns, identify challenges and develop solutions in ways you may never have considered. 
  • Tech-focused lens. As technology specialists, we apply a tech filter over everything we do, ensuring that what we deliver is fit-for-purpose in a competitive digital market. 
  • Optimisation. Enhance your processes and think strategically to maximise your results.
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How confident are you in your Diversity and Inclusion strategy?

Read our whitepaper ‘Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment Strategy: How? What? Why?’ to find out how you can tap into new talent, with practical advice for every step of the recruitment lifecycle. Written by our senior leadership team, with input from Cultural Change experts, the guide delivers evidence and experience-based insight to help businesses build more well-rounded workforces. 

Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment Strategy: How? What? Why?

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