Contractor Benefits

Find out if contracting is for you and what benefits are on offer

With over 5,000 IT contractors managed by the Lorien team at any one time, we understand the qualities that makes a difference when it comes to contracting. We help tech contractors like you find work, negotiate pay rates, transition into companies, and deliver results every single day.

By contracting with us, you’ll have access to opportunities within our network of market-leading organisations, an experienced team to smoothly manage the end-to-end contracting process and dedicated support on hand whenever you need it. In addition, as a unique incentive to reward your loyalty and recognise the impact that you make on the lives of our customers, we offer a set of exclusive benefits - for more information please email

So, why contract with Lorien?

  •  Step-by-step guide for new contractors, including advice on insurances, introduction to AWR and legal requirements and personal walk-through of systems
  •  Single point of contact for all contractor queries
  • In-contract management; dedicated support and administration led by experienced professionals
  • Market rate benchmarking to ensure fair rates for fair work
  • Emergency and faster payments for workers in difficulty or distress
  • Support with enhancing and tailoring CVs to showcase your skillsets and maximise career opportunities
  • Consultations for career development and market insight to take your career where you want it to go
  • Proactive sourcing for new roles on your behalf, drawing on our Impellam-wide industry relationshiops and client base
  • Up to £250 referral programme for introducing a tech contractor to Lorien

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