Specialist Markets

As the house of global tech and transformation recruitment, we specialise in bringing talent solutions across the full digital spectrum to life. Each one of our solutions is built to the specific needs of our clients, with great variety in size, shape, and scale of design, but with a unifying core of deep tech sector expertise. This gives our clients the unique advantage of tech specialism at scale. Naturally, our background means that we cover all digital skillsets, but there are specific sub-sectors where we provide even deeper levels of insight – often in the places where skills are niche, rare, competitive, or just developing. We call these our Specialist Markets.

Technology recruitment with depth

We cover all technology verticals, from entry-level to C-suite, and have done for over forty years. But we’ve also known the market long enough to see the talent bottlenecks and the fast growth areas – which is where we dedicate additional expertise. Our Specialist Markets are eCommerce and digital marketing, software engineering, data and analytics, cybersecurity, and cloud and DevOps. You can learn more about all of the tech and digital sectors that we cover here.

Specialism at scale

When we design a recruitment model, we take into consideration multiple things, including your sector, your strategy, and your target talent market. While we will always assign tech specialists to your solution, if your needs fall into our Specialist Markets practice, we will offer additional expertise and resource to help you compete. We deliver this across the full recruitment spectrum – from one-off placements to enterprise RPO. This means expertise without limitations.

Our clients

We work with clients at all stages of their digital journey, from start-up to enterprise, local scale-up to global business, tech-led businesses to those that use tech to get ahead. And we cut across all sectors, including financial services and banking, insurance, FinTech, professional services, retail and eCommerce, technology services, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and digital health, and gaming and betting.

The role of expertise

But what does Specialist Markets mean? Simply, these are the markets where we train our expertise. Each Specialist Market is owned by a subject matter expert that is focused on helping our clients pinpoint, attract and convert niche tech talent in their sector. They are typically underpinned by a team of regionally and vertically aligned experts that are embedded in their digital communities. This means that we can give you unique insight into the make-up of very specific tech markets, help you build connections with niche talent and use our networks to discover rising stars and passive candidates. From talent pooling to real-time market insight, we offer single-focus expertise. Our team are also armoured with the latest sourcing tools and techniques – including AI-enabled sourcing – to help you find a foothold in tough markets and reach the talent that others can’t.